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UPDATE: Just in case you can't read, this is NOT a diary criticizing Harry Reid. Go Harry! This is pointing out inaccurate information in another diary.

Anderson Cooper 360° ‏@AC360JUST IN: @DanaBashCNN receives a new statement from @SenatorReid's office, saying Senator #Reid has a "credible source." #Romney
This is HUGELY different than Bash having her own source confirm it. Actually, when you consider the whole thrust of the segment, it was Cooper trying to do a "both sides do it" on Reid and Bachmann et al. So if Bash had her own source it would have undermined the entire segment and would have made McCain's statement at the end look more stupid than CNN is willing to make St. McCain look.

There are dozens of links up on Twitter to this story. I hope it doesn't get to the front page or anywhere else, because we've been had.

All praise to Reid for keeping this alive, but there's no outside source confirmed by the media.

8:08 PM PT: Thanks to calidad below for posting the transcript.

8:10 PM PT: Just in case your curious or nitpicky like me: "a source close to Senator Reid" is not a source close to Romney, a source inside Bain, or the IRS, or whatever. It's a subtle distinction but it is critical.

8:28 PM PT: Either the other diarist in his 4th update doesn't understand the distinction and the importance of an outside source (e.g. at Bain, the IRS, McCain campaign, Romney campaign, etc.) with one "close to Reid" either means he's willfully ignorant, refuses to see the transcript saying what it says, or is trolling all of us.

Thanks for the recs.

8:29 PM PT: Transcript (16+ / 0-)
What Dana Bash Actually Said About Reid

"i did speak, have to tell you, i did speak to one source close to senator reid that claims to also know who the bain investor is that Sen. Reid spoke with, insists it is a credible person and this person if we knew the name we would understand they would have the authority and ability to know about romney's tax returns. whether we'll find it out ever, who knows."

by Calidad on Thu Aug 02, 2012 at 08:07:33 PM PDT

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8:55 PM PT: Ask yourself: is it a 300+ rec diary if it's just reporting on an AC360 segment? No. It's because it sounded like we got him, we got Romney. Not tonight. Not yet.

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