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Have you ever read the Mormon’s Book of Abraham? There is an interesting tidbit there about God living on or very nearby to the planet Kolob. What is also very interesting is that astronomers have yet to ever identify where Kolob is…LOL!

Isn’t it bad enough voting for a person for President who believes that some guy (i.e., Joseph Smith) born in Sharon, Vermont, in 1805 was divine-like? I say divine-like since there are all of these references to his divinity throughout Mormon literature: we read that Smith had a divine manifestation, a divine revelation, a divine inspiration, a divine mission, a divine calling, even a divine origin?

But isn’t it sort of pushing the envelope then to ask folks to vote for a supposedly sane person for President, but who believes (if he is a practicing Mormon, and we know he gave lots of money to that Church, so at least he appears to be practicing with his wallet) that God lives on the planet Kolob?! I mean, isn’t it kind of like asking you to vote for Rod Serling for President? Do you think Rod might live on Kolob now?

Please realize that whoever gets to the Oval Office presumably has the power to push that button starting a nuclear war sending us all to Kolob with him. Didn’t you hear Romney rattle the saber on his recent trip to Israel? Pretty scary stuff. Yet another Middle East war, et tu, Brutus?

And is Mormonism really Christianity? Isn’t there this little, bitty difference about the divine-like nature of Joseph Smith, and the little bitty divergence from the Niocene doctrine of the Trinity with its belief that the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost are three separate divinities, and not One God?

Isn’t the fundamental basis of both Judaism and Christianity is the belief in one god instead of a multiplicity of gods? Isn’t that what caused the big rift between the Jews and Christians from the Greeks and Romans? Did not the Jews and Christians denounce the pagans for their beliefs in all of their many, multiple gods: gods for every occasion?

What is hilarious to me is that Romney will get 99% of the Christian fundamentalist vote in spite of his Mormonism worship of Joseph Smith–who according to its scripture will be at the gate approving who gets into Kolob; obviously St. Peter has been replaced–and in spite of the Mormonism apparent belief in multiple gods, and not just one divinity.

They didn’t have LSD back in the early 1800s, did they? Hmmm…the “LDS” designation of the Church…I wonder, is there any connection there? LOL!

For more on this subject, please see The scary humor of Mitt Romney: where the heck is a time machine when you need one?

Postscript:  Many comments have accused the writer of bigotry for mentioning Romney's religion, and declared that religion has no part in the qualifications of a candidate.

Being an atheist, I agree that religion has no part in judging a candidate for office.  However, to deny the fact that it does, and that it does to a large degree, is utter stupidity.  Have you forgotten that Religious Right that owns the Republican Party, or at least an important part of it?  And if religion should have no part in politics, why is God mentioned in our pledge of allegiance, on our coinage, in every declaration of war, in virtually every political speech?  And why is there prayer in Congress and national holidays on Xmas and Easter?

Yes, religion should have no part in politics, but it does.  But an individual's core beliefs about the nature of our universe--whether he/she believes in creationism over evolution--should have some impact on our judgment whether that individual is sane enough to be President.

I am an atheist and I think virtually all of the religious nuts are dangerous to our country and unfit for office.  And Romney gave $4 million to his Church in 2010.  It appears he is a fervent Mormon, which many of you voted as a cult.  If someone believes in space ships, we often regard them as nuts.  And if they believe in Kolob, or the Virgin Mary, or a guy walking on water, or creationism, we should not be concerned about these crazed beliefs?

I want a sane, rational person by the nuclear button, especially with all the problems in the Middle East.

Originally posted to connecticutpolitics on Fri Aug 03, 2012 at 09:30 AM PDT.

Also republished by Trolls.


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