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On Wednesday, the Huffington Post reported on a video in which my Republican opponent Todd Long called me "the most anti-Christian Congressman that we've ever had in our history." He added, for good measure, that I don't "believe in any of the biblical values," and that voters are going to vote for him because of his "Christian values."

I'm Jewish.  I told HuffPo that Long clearly is trying to make religion one of the main issues, and perhaps the main issue, in my Congressional race, and that "I'm shocked that anyone would stoop so low."  

There were more than 1,000 posted comments on the report. Here are some of them:

"I have never heard Grayson say anything that wasn't in the spirit of Christianity . . . to help his fellow man." - MarcDel

"Alan Grayson's heritage may be Jewish but he has displayed more 'Christian values' than his opponent and all the Tea Baggers combined. His advocacy for health care for the [poor] and to save programs that serve as a lifeline to neediest among us sounds like something Jesus would do. What God do you people serve, what Bible do you read? Jesus said that those who feed and clothe [the] poor and needy also feed him." - Kamardb7112

"Alan Grayson may not be a religious person but he certainly spoke like one during the health care debate. When he confronted the right wing for cutting health programs that gave children and families better [and] more affordable care, he sounded like Christ himself on the Sermon on the Mount. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." - RightBrainedLeftWinged.

"It's the sanctimonious self-important types [who] think they somehow are closer to God because they shout out their Christian beliefs. And they criticize others they feel are not as God-like as they are. Well, if there is a God, she, he [or] it would not be shouting to the rooftops just how 'Christian' they are. I think Alan Grayson is one of our most honest politicians. He's not afraid to say what he thinks or protect the rights of the middle class. He believes in equal rights for women and that includes over the right to makes choices about their own bodies. Bravo to you Alan Grayson. You are one of my heroes in politics, when there aren't very many who actually know that they are elected to protect all Americans and are in public service!" - Loodis

"Grayson's policies towards the poor and marginalized are much more in line with the teachings of Christ than ANY teabagger running for office." - CatByte

"The [Tea]Baggers despise Grayson because Grayson has a gift for pointing out duplicity [and] hypocrisy, and addressing how un-Christian many of these so-called Christians conduct themselves in public life. When you thump a guy intellectually for some action or inaction, and the 'thumpee' has no rational or sensible response, they start acting like 7th graders in their rhetoric - like Todd Long. The point is that Grayson, who is Jewish, is more Christian in his humanity and treatment of average, everyday people than most Christians." - Billa88205

So, what do you think?


Alan Grayson

Originally posted to Alan Grayson on Sat Aug 04, 2012 at 04:51 PM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets .


If Moses Ran For Congress Today, Would the Tea Party Attack Him as Anti-Christian?

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