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Here we go again.  Another mass shooting, this time a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.  

Here's what's going to happen:
1.  The police and the emergency respondents will do their absolute best to investigate the crime and assist the wounded.  That's actually happening right now.  The truth is, our police, although they have their issues, are generally pretty good at what they do, and our EMTs and emergency care facilities are excellent.

2.  There will be substantial media attention, the extent of which will depend on the number of people who were shot.  If enough people are shot, a special mournful dirge will be written (as it was with the Aurora shootings)

3.  In a day or so, various politicians will state that "our hearts and prayers are with the victims and their families."

4.  Many people will find themselves without medical insurance to cover their injuries, and will have to beg the community to pay for their bills, or the medical providers to reduce or waive them.

5.  Some freakin' jackass like Allen West will claim that if he had been there packing heat, he could have shot the perpetrator dead.  And there will be "other blame the victims for being unarmed"

6.  The gun industry will benefit as sales of whatever weapon was used here will go up.  The more people who are killed the better the sales will be.

7.  People like me who criticize the ready availability of firearms capable of this type of mass killings will be criticized as "politicizing" the event.

8.  The whole thing will be forgotten by the general public (but certainly not the victims) in two weeks, max.

9.  Another massacre will occur.  Repeat steps 1 through 8.


Do you think the time has come to do something more than "thoughts and prayers" for the victims of gun violence?

86%758 votes
13%117 votes

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