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"Love Notes to the Future"

Darcy Burner is a progressive candidate who impressed my sister and me -- so we did a fundraiser for her.  Every day during the whole month of July, everyone could earn a chance to win the quilt that was signed at NN12 in Providence.  The rules were as follows:

The entire month of July will be a quilt fundraiser for Darcy Burner, candidate for Congress, WA-01.  There will be a drawing for the quilt signed in Providence at NN12 the first week in August.  Everyone can get one chance per day, each and every day in July by EITHER donating $10 or more to Darcy Burner's campaign through this Act Blue page OR by writing a 50-word-or-less essay on this topic: How can we bend the arc of history more towards justice for all?.  If we deem your essay to be on topic, it will count for a chance.  Send essays to winglionquilts AT gmail DOT com with "Darcy Burner" in the subject line.  To recap, earn an equal chance once a day every day in July by either donating or sending a short essay (one or the other).  That means everyone who began at the beginning can have as many as thirty-one equal chances in this drawing.  The first week in August, I will find a neighborhood child to do the drawing and someone will become the new owner of the quilt.
$2303 was raised in July.

The quilt is about 65" square, cotton fabric with a fine wool batting, and was hand quilted by me.  It is full of interesting messages (love notes to the future) by these people:

Sara R
Kitsap River
Charles CurtisStanley
Chris Loesch
Phyllis DeGrave
Monsieur Georges
Velo Vixen
Abraham J. Bonowitz
CA Berkley WV
Barbara Banoff
Leslie Simmons
Jessica Wainfor
Immy Humes
The Fat Lady Sings
Marcy Miranda
Ann Porter
Carol Neil
Malaka Gharib
Susie Kameny
Sandy on Signal
Bill Lusk
Charlie Harris
Macaela Gardner
Paul Krugman
Martin Garcia
Lefty coaster
Samuel Skurkovich
Krista Brewer
Markos Moulitas
Ken Schider
Sharon Saltzberg
Nancy St. Germain
Carl Farmer
Susan Gardner
Brian Loper
Betsy Cazden
Catherine Casas
Erika Martinez
Marcy Chong
Faith Gardner
Pamela Mackey
Shirley Koegel
Andy the Cat
Mimi Marziani
Cheryl Krauss
Ann Savage
Paula Dove-Jennings
Megan Secatore
Jee Fedele
Dominique French
Dennis Travares
Mark Musho
Erin Hofteig
Bill in Portland Maine
Common Sense Mainer
Canilo Viveiros
Sean Kitchen
Marta Turnbull
Priscilla Cruz
Shayan Zdrisavi
Jodie Evans
Nik Swiatek
Sam Schoeburg
Rachel Gordon
Jamie McGonnigal
Laura Clawson
EK Hornbeck
Hannah Resseger
Alan Grayson
Arjun Jaikumar
Kari Fulton
Terilee Edwards-Hewitt
Alisa Roost
Linda Lee
Luan Tatum
Karen Bradbury
Kate Coyne McCoy
Elena Perez
Steve Dondley
Katie DeCarlo
Diane Palmer
Eric Packer
Cheryl McLeod
Keesha G
Meteor Blades
Rep. David Cicilline
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
Charles Patenaude
Cynthia Kain
Mike Ertel
Patrick St John
David Braun
Una Spenser
San Mateo DFA
Evan Leeson
Moody Loner
Erin souza
Jeana Brown
Sen. Jeff Merkley
Maria Luz Torre
Olive Niccoli
Nancy Peckenham
Matt Bors
Benis Binion
LaToya Egwekwe
Peregrine kate
NW Terri D
David Gusick
Vicky Rateau
Marcia Robbins
Eric Thut
Molly D
Adam Skoog
Brandon Silverman
Jay Lustgarten
Mommy Pooka
The momcat
Lilian Molina
Robyn Carmichael
Ed Tracey
Suzanne Turner
Erika Boulware
Amy Ziering
Joan Brooker
N in Seattle
Malik Rhasaan
Kafi Rouse
Regan McCarthy
Scottie Thomaston
Jo Lux
Megan Lickley
True Blue Majority
Kelly Lincoln
The left neck chick
Tarryl Clark
Little Loner
Nancy Green
JoAnn Schwartz
Side pocket
Dev Tobin
Brian Swinehart
Andrew Hubbs
Don Rhodes
Belinda ridgewood
Terri Foster
April Pederson
Katrina Gamble
Jennifer Miller-Smith
Gina Fesmire
We had a blogathon all July.  Some wonderful diaries were written about Darcy Burner and the issues she is running on.  Thanks to all the diarists!  These are some of the diaries -- please check them out to learn more about this truly progressive candidate:

Quilt-Fundraiser-for-Darcy-Burner: Retirement Security by BeninSC

Help send 'The Other Washington' our own Darcy Burner & (maybe) Win a Quilt! by Angie in WA State

Who deserves a quilt? You deserve a quilt, for helping Darcy Burner by Joan McCarter

A Quilt for YOU ? A Donation for Darcy Burner by Chacounne

Quilt Fundraiser for Darcy Burner: Northwest Coal Mega-Ports by lefty coaster

MoveOn Supports Darcy Burner - So Can You! (and maybe get a quilt) by Sara R

Dary Burner understands how to use power.  It's up to us to put her in a position where she has some by Meteor Blades

Darcy Burner Fundraiser-Apps and Koch by Horace Boothroyd III

Darcy Burner - Courage to Change the Stories by Oke

With Darcy Burner our planet will be in good hands by beach babe in fl

Support progressive champion Darcy Burner and maybe win a quilt by teacherken

Veterans and their families need to read this by llbear

Darcy Burner Quilt Diary 7/27/12: Primary Concern by belinda ridgewood

Darcy Burner LOVES DK! by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse

I listed the donors and essay writer on a spreadsheet and assigned a ticket number to each.  At the end of the month, there were 95 tickets in the can -- representing 94 donations and one essay.  


Yesterday, an able team of innocent children made the selection, impartially.  The winning ticket is displayed!


I checked the ticket number to my spreadsheet.  And the winner is..... [drum roll....]

peregrine kate!  Congratulations, peregrine kate!

Now, the rest of us will be winners if Darcy Burner gets the WA-01 Congressional seat.  Her primary is tomorrow and she needs all the help we can give her.  You can still donate to her campaign by clicking on the thermometer.  Thank you!

Goal Thermometer
Click on the thermometer to donate!

Originally posted to Sara R on Mon Aug 06, 2012 at 11:02 AM PDT.

Also republished by Friends of Darcy Burner, Community Quilt Project, DK Quilt Guild, and DKOMA.

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