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In the aftermath of the Citizens United ruling now harnessed with the Santa Clara decision of 1876, (the corporate abasement of the 14th Amendment) our last free election was witness to billions of corporate dollars spent to anonymously and secretly “educate” low information voters. Broad appeals to thinly disguised bigotry were used effectively in swing states and voter suppression tactics reached their zenith prior to the elections, especially in Brownshirt states.

It was, effectively, the last national election.

It is now January 2013. President Romney issued his first executive order calling for the arrest and imprisonment of any media person, public or private, for misspelling his name. Leader “Turtlehead” McConnell and Speaker Eric Cantor applauded the move noting that respect for the office of President is paramount, “other than for the previous four years.”  Retired John, (of orange) Boehner, back home tending his bar in Cincinnati called the announcement long overdue as he handed out free drinks to top Tea Party/ Brownshirt functionaries.

In a not so surprising move, the National Republican Committee and the US Chamber of Commerce announce their merger, citing a complete similarity of interests and began work on a joint IPO. The Commerce Dep’t is expected to rubber stamp the move, shortly after midnight.

Former Vice President,(Shotgun) Cheney was brought out of retirement to advise new Homeland Security chief Janet Brewer on better and admittedly more violent ways to deal with illegal immigration using new armed drones, courtesy of a Halliburton subsidiary. Undersecretary Joe, (pink undies) Arpaio in an aside to reporters said he was “anxious to get started.”

The first bill that moved through the newly installed House and Senate recriminalizes all abortions for any reason. Over furious opposition from all six Democratic Senators left on the Senate floor,  the bill was passed, just after midnight, with no markup measures and signed into law the following morning by President Rmoney after receiving approval from the his church elders in Salt Lake City.

It was announced that there will be live fire exercises for the National Guard in most major cities in the US in coming weeks, the targets being unruly degenerate mobs of Occupiers. The exercises are being deemed especially critical in Oakland, because of increasing and mainly unreported unrest at that site. This is being done in preparation to our return to Iraq, where overwhelming forces will be gathered for our next widely anticipated incursion into Iran. Secretary of War Paul Wolfowitz had no comment when asked about expected civilian casualties.

Foreign aid to Israel is being ramped up at the behest of AIPAC. "Bibbi" Netanyahu was on hand at the White House to witness the signing of the appropriation and military aid package. In prepared remarks, he spoke of resolving the Palestinian Issue finally, once and for all. In the subsequent photo op session, Dick Cheney, (R, Halliburton) was seen to be smiling broadly in the background. Gifts from Prime Minister Netanyahu to the President included six pairs of custom tailored magic underwear as well as a guide to automotive transportation of family pets.

Repeal of Obama Care is well underway. Sources in the House have revealed that there is a replacement plan in an upcoming bill that proposes financial means testing prior to any major surgical procedures to assure ability to pay. Proponents of the bill as it is written by the “healthcare industry,” are excited by the prospect of reducing major expenditures by up to 75%, while announcing that premiums will only rise by 30% in the next fiscal year, should the measure pass. The bill is expected to pass out of subcommittee later this month, just after midnight.

Corporate taxation may soon be a thing of the past, as Speaker Cantor prepares to unveil his proposal to eliminate the corporate tax burden completely on “job creators.” After holding special closed door hearings with top officials at Goldman Sax, Wells Fargo and others, it was the Speaker’s conclusion that we must “Strive to be more responsive to our donors, that is, those that elect us to be certain of a more profitable future.” Money magazine reports in a sidebar this month that the Speakers personal holdings and blind portfolios are expected to rival Warren Buffett’s by the fourth quarter, should his proposals be signed into law.

Fox News Corporation stocks got an unexpected boost yesterday after NBC announced the closure of MSNBC.  Current TV and Al Jazerra English were also shuttered. New FCC chief Karl Rove approved the measure, citing their “puzzling antipathy and hostility” towards the current government leadership. In a related story, some current and former news anchors have been placed under permanent house arrest pending undisclosed charges. The new modified Alien and Sedition laws were cited in carrying out the actions. The dragnet, carried out shortly after midnight netted such luminaries as Dr. Rachel Maddow, a known radical feminist and LGBT supporter and Ed Shultz, the outspoken advocate of Democratic causes. From Scott Walker’s office, it is said that Mr. Shultz will be extradited to Wisconsin to face incite to riot charges later this week.

The last act prior to abolishment of the Department of Education was to set guidelines for total government funding for more fundamental home schooling of American youth, provided that newly provided government texts are used. One of the primers just now coming off the presses is entitled, “Jesus, the First Republican.” Christian madrassas across the country are expected to acquire the first printing, but subsequent printings will include illustrations of Christ speaking among the dinosaurs as well as moneyed Gentiles.

The Justice Department, under the leadership of the just released Tom Delay will be investigating cases of voter fraud in Texas. He was recently a guest at Governor Rick Perry’s hunting Lodge at N***head in south Texas, where he took pains in explaining this was not a plan to disenfranchise minority voters, but that both cases under review would require substantial investigation.

Progress has been made at a dizzying pace, given that the Executive and Legislative branches are once again in unity, with an overwhelming mandate from the public to make enormous progress on a number of fronts. Expected in the short term is the gutting of the 1970 Clean Air Act, Medicare and Social Security, just for starters. Brownshirts, as the Tea Party fringe now refers to itself, also expects to make headway in outsourcing and downsizing the last of traditional American  jobs with Rmoney at the helm. They will be relying heavily on his past Bain Capital experience to make sure that what little remains on the table is fairly apportioned amongst the Chinese, Vietnamese and Mexico to a lesser extent, but without useless environmental and labor provisions in upcoming revised Free Trade bills.

At the behest of private prison lobbyists, the War on Drugs is being ramped up with a number of new sentencing guidelines including life imprisonment for any second offense regardless of content or amount. Also being considered are ways to convict first time minority offenders, but under the provisions of second offense guidelines. The bill, (HB12) is likely to sail through the Senate as well, due to the astonishing similarity between the House and Senate versions, and signed into law by the President on Friday, just after midnight.

Denizens of Washington DC are probably aware of the dismantling of the Vietnam War Memorial. It was replaced on the Mall by the John D. Rockefeller Memorial featuring a vivid fresco of the Ludlow Massacre, in which National Guard troops are depicted firing machine guns into the families of United Mine Workers. Private funding was provided primarily by the Walton family, the Koch brothers, along with other anonymous corporate donors. It will serve as a reminder that unionization in America wasn’t tolerated in the past, nor will it be tolerated in the future. The official unveiling ceremony is expected to coincide with the abolition of the NLRB, scheduled later on next month. Ironically, geologists with Exxon Mobil, (the sign of the double cross) have concluded from their studies of the Potomac Basin that there are sufficient quantities of natural gas to warrant exploration. The first wellhead will be emplaced next to the Memorial, probably in the spring with fracturing activity to commence no later than, (ironically) Memorial Day.

I’ll close this admittedly snarky review of the immediate future.  Readers are welcome to comment on possible other new developments. Granted, most of the above might seem farfetched, if not for the fact that;

1) We didn’t used to go through full body searches to board an airplane and that there didn’t used to be “no fly” lists.
2) People are dying by the thousands because of curtailments in healthcare and the inability of citizens to afford insurance has become epidemic.
3) The President has the authority to have anyone arrested and detained secretly and without charges-indefinitely.
4) Women’s and minority rights are being inexorably eroded with the systematic defunding of family planning, public clinics and new voter ID laws.
5) Foreign organizations now routinely set aside rulings by Federal judges as pertaining food packaging, country of origin labeling, at the behest of multinational corporations.
6) Banking institutions, once respected prior to deregulation, have impoverished mainstream America yet are still not being prosecuted under the RICO statutes.
7) Former President George W. Bush, wanted in many countries as a known war criminal, resides comfortably in his home near Dallas, Texas.
8) Frauds and charlatans such as McConnell, Cantor, Rmoney, Walker, Scott and other Brownshirts that make up the banner wave of Republican Fascism are treated with respect by our major media outlets, as if they were truly decent human beings.
9) The Fourth Estate is under complete corporate control now, which not only explains point number 8, but points 2, 6, and 7 as well.
10) Free speech, as exemplified by the OWS movement and independent journalists and internet bloggers, are now being corralled, tasered, beaten and jailed nearly every day.

I could keep listing and listing possible schemes of what’s to come and what has already come to pass. We live in a heavily armed Third World country that scares the literal hell out the rest of the globe. To change all this is going to take more than one person or one well meaning President. We’re going to have to vote en masse at the doctored Diebold voting boxes and if/when that fails, begin to anticipate holding national general strikes to begin the process. It will make Haymarket look like Sunday school, but with the courts no longer able to effectively protect us, direct action is inevitably what comes next.

As Janis Joplin once sang, “Freedom means-nothing left to lose.”

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