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This morning, CNN political contributor Dana Loesch was none too pleased that Mitt Romney has declined to incorporate Michelle Bachmann's Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy and Chick-fil-A's hatred into his campaign.

Speaking about both stories while filling in for Glenn Beck (who apparently still has a show somewhere), Loesch began to advise Romney:

That's a home run. Why wouldn't you -- why wouldn't you hit that?


If I were -- which I'm not, I'm not advising him, he couldn't afford me -- it just seems so easy to do. Like, if they're asking him, "What is your thought on the Chick-fil-A story, what do you think about Michelle Bachmann and the Muslim Brotherhood?" he could say, "I don't have a problem with free speech, do you?"

And that report that Congresswoman Bachmann -- the inquiry that they presented towards Congress -- that raised a lot of questions. And who's against free speech?

Ah, yes. Free speech.

Loesch couching her hatred and bigotry under the guise of free speech is not novel, nor is it illegal. However, it is more than a tad disingenuous, for Loesch is not concnerned here with the First Amendment. No, Loesch is concerned that Romney is passing on a golden chance to sweet-talk voters by demonstrating his Islamophobia, homophobia and bigotry on yet another stage.

This is about hate. Not about free speech.

And this is why it should be is grounds for Loesch's termination at a mainstream news entertainment organization such as CNN.

For let's be clear: on a day after a white, domestic terrorist murdered innocent civiliians in Wisconsin due -- by all appearances -- to his bubbling racism, anyone who foments and promotes bigotry or racism of any kind at supposedly reputable outlets should be shown the door.

At the Olympics, we have seen a number of athletes dismissed due to their racist, bigoted stances. Are such dismissals controversial? Yes. But they also demonstrate very public and conspicuous rejections of intolerance.

Loesch would like to see her Islamophobia, homophobia and race-baiting be incorporated full-throatedly, by the Romney campaign. Why? Because these issues are home runs -- they are electoral goldmines.

In the world in which Loesch wants to live, this is true. Which is why CNN should not give Loesch a platform from which to craft that world on its airwaves.

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