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They don't know wtf Rush Limbaugh is talking about either
    Someone got real upset that Obama started cracking "Romneyhood" jokes. Very upset.

    In steps the King Koopa of Wingnuts, Rush Limbaugh. Lies are truth. Now the whole Robin Hood story has to be changed to fit the wingnut Rush Limbaugh world view because the term Romneyhood is amazingly accurate.

   Listen, courtesy of Here is a short transcript of the most deranged parts . . .

  Everybody thinks that Robin Hood was out there stealing money from the rich and taking it back and giving it to the citizens of Sherwood Forrest. Robin Hood was stealing from the Government! Robin Hood was a tea party activist. Robin Hood was Anti-Taxes! And it's another myth that so many people misunderstand what Robin Hood is all about. And of course, the Democrats don't care about the truth, they care about the illusion that they can carry forward, so Obama now trying to call Romney, Romneyhood, and by the way, this is not new, this is not new . . .

    My favorite part is where Limbaugh literally invents the real story of Robin Hood on the spot for his moronic listeners and then says the Democrats don't care about the truth. Yeah, if you were smart like Rush you'd know the real story behind Robin Hood!

    Wait, but if Rush is right, does that mean that the goal of the tea party is to steal from the government? Irony!

     Tons of Disney movies, tons of theater about Robin Hood, tons of cartoons, characterizations, hell, they even put Dave Chapelle in tights with Mel Brooks, and yet not once did I ever get the impression that Robin Hood was anti-tax. They made it very clear that he robbed the rich to feed the poor, but that doesn't fit the extremist right wing world view, so now the wingnuts need a special wingnut friendly rewrite of Robin Hood. According to Rush teabaggers steal from the government while wearing tights despite their homophobic outrage. Right. Gotcha.

    I think Limbaugh is freaking out because the description of Romney's reverse Robin Hood plan of stealing from the poor and giving to the rich is not only true, but it resonates, and that gets Limbaugh's goat, which is fortunate for the goat, as Limbaugh eats goats whole like the Tyrannosaurs from Jurassic Park.

   Slightly more below the fold . . .

   Simply put, the people who believe Rush Limbaugh are bugfuq crazy. There is no illusion. This isn't a myth that people just don't understand Robin Hood. It's pretty fucking clear what Robin Hood stood for, you can't just boohoo over Obama pwning you over Romneyhood and then say "I know you are but what am I?", and if you do, you have to at least try to be smart about it. Robin Hood was not a tea party activist, the tea party activists would have been the castle guards in the tower where Maid Marian was being held hostage.

   So the tea party activists are actually men, manly men, in tights. Who steal from the government, and you don't know the real story, man!

   Did you know that Robin Hood really didn't steal from the rich to give to the poor? Now, where did you hear that? The real Rush Limbaugh version says Robin Hood really stole from the government in a voice that sounds like it is chewing a drumstick. Who are you going to believe, Rush Limbaugh or Robin Williams, Russell Crowe, Cary Elwes, Kevin Kostner, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and the Cartoon Fox from the Disney movie? Have you considered the possibility that Rush Limbaugh is full of shit?

   But to celebrate the lunacy of Limbaugh's panicked, incoherent response to President Obama's hilariously accurate depiction of Romney's steal from the poor/give to the rich agenda as "Romneyhood", I give you this parody of Robin Hood by Mel Brooks, for if Robin Hood was a tea party activist he sure did love his tights.


   Manly men in deed.

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