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You need no other proof that the Republicans are just having a thermal mind/brain implosion over the statement by a Romney Spokesperson,  screamingly in inchoate horror, demanding that she be immediately fired, and that if Romney's doesn't fire her that all of his big dollar supporters should withhold their funds until she is FIRED FIRED AXED KAPUT JOBLESSLY FIRED for daring to talk positively about...

Healthcare in Massachusetts.

In the midst of an absolute apoplectic rant, Ann Coulter Loses Her Shit so badly she actually says this:  (Listen closely it goes by quick)

Coulter: To respond to an ad like this by citing Health Care in Massachusets?  There is no point in us going to a convention and pushing for this man if he's employing morons like this. This ad is the turning point and she has literally Snatched Victory from the Jaws of Defeat!
Snatched....Victory.. from .. Defeat.

Uh, um...

Isn't that usually a good thing?

Coulter is so genuinely upset here, that she said the phrase backward.  What she clearly meant to say was "Snatching DEFEAT from the Jaws of Victory" but she flips it. And doesn't even notice.  And Hannity doesn't notice.  And Alex Wagner and all of her guests Don't Notice.  They go on talking for nearly 12 minutes and never bring up what Coulter just said - and they play the clip multiple times.

And still never notice just how badly Coulter is really losing it.

The reason is simple, this is Romney and the GOP's fully electrified third rail.

Healthcare in Massachusetts.

I think yesterday they finally started to realize that they are good and thoroughly FUCKED! in November.

I have to admit, it kinda brings a smile and small teeny tiny tear of joy to my eye to see Coulter and Limbaugh like this.

I mean, it's something aint it?

And this reaction wasn't produced by an Obama ad, it was a SuperPAC ad.  A Democratic SuperPAC - the kind were not supposed to have.  The kind that are out muscled and out gunned.

In fact if you followed the political jujitsu - thrust/block/punch/parry - of the response to this ad during the day, you couldn't have predicted that the final move would be a RoundHouse Kick by a Romney Staffer that managed to hit the entire GOP upside the head.

At first in fact, the GOP had the advantage claiming that the ad improperly suggested that Mitt was personally responsible for this poor woman's death. (Since y'know he wansn't At Bain Capital Anymore and she took a few years after that to get sick and die..natch).

Obama Super PAC: Controversial Ad Does Not Suggest Mitt Was Responsible For Death

Bill Burton, a co-founder of Priorities USA, the super PAC responsible for the ad, told CNN Wednesday that the people who think the spot suggests Romney was in any way involved with or responsible for the woman’s death described in the ad are off base.

“You’re absolutely right, he is not,” Burton said. “That’s not what the ad suggests.”

"The point of this ad is that — it is to tell the story of one guy, Joe Soptic, and the impact on his life that happened for years, and to this day as a result of decisions that Mitt Romney made. This is one of a series of ads in which we talk about the very long lasting impacts that Mitt Romney’s decision had on these communities, on these individuals and their families. What that fact check did was it presupposes that if Joe’s wife had gotten sick right after he left that company, after he was fired from that company, somehow Mitt Romney would be culpable. If she hadn’t had health insurance for a short time in that intervening period, somehow Mitt Romney would be culpable. We’re not saying Mitt Romney is culpable for that. "

See that, the SuperPac itself was backing away from the idea that Romney was somehow responsible for Mr. Soptics wifes death, because his plant was closed, he lost his job, he lost his healthcare, she got sick and ignored symptoms until she finally couldn't and then it turned out she had developed Stage 4 Cancer - then died 22 days later.

But none of that is Mitt's fault, he wasn't even there - at the scene of the crime.  Y'know - at BAIN CAPITAL!  Which begs the question - then why'd you bring it up in the first place?

So they were on the ropes.

And then the Obama Camp lept daringly to the rescue with this:

Obama Camp: We Don’t Know About That Guy From Our Own Ads

The Obama campaign claims that they’re unfamiliar with the star of an ad by Democratic super PAC Priorities USA derided by conservatives — but they’ve featured the same person in their own TV spot and campaign events.

Republicans are in an uproar over a the Priorities USA ad, which features Joe Soptic as he recounts being laid off from a Bain-owned steel mill in Kansas City and suggests his wife’s fatal cancer may have been discovered earlier if he still had his employer-provided insurance.


“I don’t know the facts about when Mr. Soptic’s wife got sick or the facts about his health insurance,” campaign adviser Robert GIbbs told MSNBC this week.

See that, there's some strategerly doubling down if I ever saw some.

Although they did make one salient point: Eventually.

Update: Obama campaign press secretary Ben Labolt tells Politico that the campaign can’t coordinate with Priorities USA because its an independent group, but doesn’t condemn the ad: “Joe Soptic suffered when he lost his job in the aftermath of the GST Steel plant closing, and no one is denying that he discussed that when he appeared in a campaign advertisement and on a conference call. The important point here is that Mitt Romney’s campaign is based solely on his experience as a corporate buyout specialist, and while he has been quick to claim he created jobs, he refuses to accept responsibility for the jobs that were lost and workers that were impacted.”
Ah, see - We. Can't. Coordinate. With. Them. So this ad isn't our fault, and oh by the way - we don't condemn it.

Rousing, Thrilling support that is.  I think these guys need some lessons from Harry Reid on Cage Match Politics. They've gotten rusty.

So the impact of this ad, and the ability of the Obama Campaign to capitalize on it - and to re-emphasize the thought that actions by CEO's - not Government - is what leads to job losses, layoffs, the loss of healthcare and for far too many people - their Deaths, isn't really going to be part of the discussion going forward even though it GOD DAMN WELL SHOULD BE!


Anyhoo - into this gaping reality breach then came galloping our hapless Romney Staffer who managed to salvage the situation - for someone who isn't Mitt Romney - by dropping a single solitary H-BOMB.

The Healthcare Bomb.

“Obviously, it’s unfortunate when anyone loses their job,” she explained. “This particular case was a plant that was closed years after Gov. Romney left the company.

Saul continued: “And to that point, you know, if people had been in Massachusetts under Gov. Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care.”

Oh. My. FUCK!

That's a thing of beauty right there isn't it?  Massachusetts, with it's 90% plus participation rate in Health Insurance, and it's lower premiums.

No wonder Erick Erickson almost immediately tweeted this.

OMG.  This might just be the moment Mitt Romney lost the election.  Wow.
Yeah, because just imagine - IMAGINE - bare with me now - supposed some President, some visionary, had considered the possibility that the last thing broke unemployed people can do is pick up and move to some other state and that maybe, just maybe, perhaps, someone should do something to bring The Romney Health Care Plan To Them!

Yeah, I think for the GOP that's a losing argument.  That's the ball game folks.

And ultimately I think that Coulter may be exactly right. Andrea Saul probably did just Snatch Victory From the Jaws of Defeat.

For US!


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