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I sure hope Coulter goes back to hawking her books soon -- because re-amplifying her screechy voice, is not really on my regular To-do List.

But this follow-up to Ann's little tirade of yesterday was just too 'good' to pass up.

First the sad news for GOP-Orphan-Annie:  No one took her "call to action" seriously today. Romney’s press secretary still has her job, even though she had the gall to say RomneyCare was kind of a good thing ... an unforgivable sin in Coulter's delusional world.

Romney Spokesperson Ignites Right-Wing Backlash; I Rise to Her Defense

by Noam Scheiber, The New Republic -- August 8, 2012

As we await the Romney campaign’s decision about [Andrea] Saul’s fate, it’s worth reflecting on one under-reported aspect of this latest conservative blow-up: Saul was saying precisely what her superiors in the Romney campaign believe, not least of them Mitt Romney.

I [Noam Scheiber] spent a lot of time talking to Romney campaign officials while reporting my recent profile of Stuart Stevens, his chief strategist. The unmistakable impression I got from them is that, to this day, Romney remains extremely proud of having passed health care reform in Massachusetts. [...]

Saul was surely aware of this -- as I say, it’s common knowledge in Romneyworld. So it’s no surprise that she grasped for it while defending her boss on television.

I suspect 'Joe the Steelworker' might be inclined to agree with the Romneyworld assessments of the merits of RomneyCare.

No doubt Coulter must be hopping mad by now.  You have no idea ...

Annie Oakley may be forgotten, but she won't be ignored -- as she unleashed some brand new bombastic slurs, for today's media stenographers ...

No, go on.  Tell us what you really think Ms Coulter ...

ANN COULTER: Obama's Base Is 'Stupid, Single Women'

by David Edwards, The Raw Story, -- Aug. 9, 2012,

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter ... said that President Barack Obama was campaigning with women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke because his base was “stupid single women.”

Romney has said that he would “get rid” of Planned Parenthood and “kill” the Affordable Care Act health law, which provides free contraception for women.

“I think it’s probably a good sign that Obama is so desperate just to get the base Democratic voter -- stupid single women -- to vote for him,” Coulter told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday. “This is good news that he needs to lock up that part of the Democratic vote.”

OMG.  And they call this punditry.  My how far, the kettle has fallen.

The only question left to answer I guess, if 'that group' comprises the Democratic base

-- What roughly 'equivalent' Group(s) must make up the Republican base?   According to Ann, at least.

Inquiring minds, should want to know.  

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