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Metacognition logically extends cognition, which is nearly entirely attributed to Aaron Beck.  Aaron Beck's Prisoners of Hate describes the hate group KKK with about 70% accuracy (I am familiar with it as a trucker), but less accuracy when describing America in general.  But(!), quite remarkably, with a simple single word substition, Beck can be made to describe the Israeli Likud in it with 110% precision (from NPR-reported reaction to Palastinian grief over PLO leader Arafat's death).  For me, this points Beck directly at Israel.  I believe he knows!

Very recently I was attacked by a Jew for not being violently opposed to Israel because he hates Israeli repression of Palastine.  (He is "very Jewish" to me in terms of thoughts, body language and appearance--far more so that the many Jews I grew up with).  To add injury to insult, he apparently engineered my isloation (on FaceBook) from the anti-everything radicals who protest Obama, cutting off my most important sources for radical politics.

When I attempted to ask important questions on this site, I was threatened and ultimately censored (quite undemocratically) for not submitting to (what I believe) is an Israeli metacogntion.  So, I ask now, "is Israel wholly a metacognition?"  Saudi certainly is as Saud is a family--Arabia is the country, the Arabian name is disappearing as the land has been annexed by an aristocratic family (Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia, well-shooting scene) with the help of the anceitn terror sect that has become the al-Qaeda.  (I stood next to the WTC towers as they collapsed with friends inside.)

So, I believe it is within my rights to ask why Israel is important to the US given that some Jews, in particular, are making my life difficult for not being opposed to Israel, as something has to "give."

My important writing in this context is a "critical inquiry" into Occupy (which I recently posted here) that shows that change isn't really change but an "alternative" that is nothing but the same old plutocratic nonsense.  When it's communist, it is the purification of oligarchy.  This inquiry got me banned from every Occupy group, which is relevant here, because a similar inquiry got me censored here.  Nonetheless, I am quite within my democratic rights to apply similar critical inquiry here given the mission of this Website (which is apparently to re-elect Obama).

The question asked is, quite precisely, is Israel a metacognition?  But, more precisely, is the cognitive psychology of state that dominates the US a metacognition imported from Isreal, or, perhaps, even ancient Israel?

To reinforce this, I may have to say that I find it quite amazing that current cognitivists (who are psychologists) hang onto Socrates' 2500-year-old Dialectic religiously.  I mean, for Christ's sake, Plato implicates him as a pedophile!  The alternative to the norm that Socrates was promoting in the markets of Athens was man-boy sex in the (Hegelian) shadows!  And it was so long ago, and predates Aristotle's Syllogism, so it can only be psuedo-science (and is said to have contributed to both Hitler and Stalin through Hegel).

Cognitivists, for instance, have a good thing with fixing false cognitions (or introjections) such as the misconception that airplanes fall from the skys as is often reinforced by the nightly news.  This type of problem can easily be fixed with cognitive therapy, so, why are they attempting to name the prefrontal cortex for Aaron Beck with metacognitive working memory control executive function concepts?  Makes no sense, not in the least; but I am absolutely certain there is a rationale, and I will find it (and hence provide another rationale for this inquiry).  This inquiry may also explain Emma Goldman, the Rosenbergs, Ben Shawn, and so many others; in other words the highly-conflicted in-group for which the whole world is an out-group.  In Beck's words, this is the Socratic "alternative," but Beck is not Greek.  What is going on here?  Is there a universal Dialectic seperate from the Greek one that may result from genetic predisposition?

My initial inquiry here was censored because I stood up to a threat.  (In the psychology of Freud, it could be said that I was defensive,  but my comments were mild compared to the comments I have gotten from Jews who oppose Palistian repression.)  

From a book by the Jewish woman photographer Ruth Gruber, who covered the post-WWII Exodus through Cyprus in the 1950s, I learned that Israeli was initially populated with very young refugees who had been kept in camps for a decade (suggesting that they were infants at the end of the War).  They were "repatriated" to Israel with Zionist banker financial support, so I assume that they were kept in the camps by said-same bankers rather than being repatriated to their individual birthplaces.  I recall reading that the rationale for not repatriating them, or placing them with families, was that they had been repressed, which they were by Nazis.  However, it can easily be shown that the average person is not anti-Semitic; the average person is a normal caring person, as am I.

The idea that banking built Israel falsifies the hypotheses further as economics, and especially global economics, is by far the most synthetic product human minds have produced--ever!  The global economy is something that is so "Socratically-alternative" to what is natural that it can only(!) be a metacognition.  This banking-connection also suggests that the 1950s Exodus that founded current Israel was presented as a metacognition for media consumption by the bankers.

Recent Israeli nationalist writing suggests, quite amazingly, that WWII and the Holocaust are "non-issues" with respect to the founding of Israel.  What the writing (that I carefully wiki-ized) suggests is that a) the Jews were always in Israel, and b) the Jews returned to Israel as the only important factors.

Denying the importance of WWII to Israel's formation is especially alarming to someone who has WWII heroes on both sides: my American uncle (RIP) drove a jeep through Italy to Berlin during WWII as a scout; he took may prisoners (i.e. didn't kill them) and was decorated--but remained a Christian pacifist and a private first class.  

(As an aside, he suffered for decades from untreated PTSD, and made the family suffer as well.  As did my mother whose grandfather saved her from Nazi bullets by absorbing them himself--and dying on top of her.  Her PTSD went untreated as well, even though my childhood friends were largely children of Jewish doctors, including a well-known psychiatrist.  There has never been a moment of sympathy for my family from neighborhood Jews--not even acknowledgement.  The most Jewish of my neighbors, a Hasidic family next door, treated my family patronizingly as an out-group.  Tolerant, liberal Jews upstairs introjected what I can now easily define as Freudian metacognition--a hint to the cognitive future--as they were/are, in fact, Feuds.)

Getting back to the question, my understanding is that permanent war with Palestinian rationalized when a certain "mufti" refused to negotiate--decades of war hinging on the decision of a single asshole leader--who could not have possibly been democratically elected.  This could have been easily circumvented especially by the forming United Nations, so I ask the question again, "is Israel a metacognition?"

Originally posted to John Bessa on Fri Aug 10, 2012 at 09:25 AM PDT.

Also republished by Trolls and LOL Wut.

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