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Times of heightened  tension often result in heightened responses,  whether in campaign politics or in world politics.  Perhaps one of the most famous examples in world politics occurred in 1987 when the union-busting President Ronald Reagan challenged Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall in order to ease tensions between the east and west. Similar tension erupted this week in the DFL primary contest in northeastern Minnesota after former State Senator Tarryl Clark of St Cloud launched an explosive and completely unprovoked attack on the DFL-endorsed front-runner in the race, former Congressman Rick Nolan of Crosby, and on the popular late former Governor Rudy Perpich of Hibbing.  Outraged voters from across the 8th district are now challenging long-time Reagan supporter Clark to take down her sleazy and decidedly Rove-esque television ads and instead focus on the issues.

Among those calling on Clark to take down her ads attacking Perpich's visionary Minnesota World Trade Center and the integrity of both Nolan and Perpich are Duluth community leaders  Dan O'Neill and Martha Firling. Both joined Nolan at a Thursday press conference called to address the false and misleading ads, which Nolan referred to as 11th hour gutter politics".

Firling was a Perpich appointee to both the World Trade Center commission and the original Board of Directors.  She recalled that Perpich personally asked Nolan to spearhead the commission creating the WTC and said that Nolan worked for four years as an unpaid Chairman of the Board.  Firling also noted that Board members were so impressed at the leadership shown by Nolan during his tenure as an unpaid volunteer chairman that in they unanimously asked him to serve as the WTC's first CEO/Chairman. She strongly defended their work to create jobs in Minnesota:

The work of Governor Perpich, Rick Nolan and so many others helped to put Minnesota on the map in the global economy. Rick helped Gov. Perpich fulfill a dream and in the process, helped Minnesota companies create jobs and expand their products to a global market. We need more of this vision and ability in Congress – not deceitful criticism from outsiders like Tarryl Clark, who is only out to pursue her personal political ambitions.
Duluth Central Labor Body President O'Neill noted how important the World Trade Center was to organized labor because of the jobs created by construction of the center and by opening up Minnesota to global trade. He defended Nolan and had harsh words for Clark:
Political candidates always talk about "job creation". Rick Nolan is more than just talk – he has proven he knows how to create real jobs, and he is the exact type of person we need in Congress.

Tarryl Clark and her campaign should be ashamed. We have no need for dishonest, malicious, 11th hour attack ads. Being that Tarryl Clark isn't from this district, she obviously doesn't understand that this isn't how we do politics in northern Minnesota. We have real problems to face without trying to use negative attacks to tear others down.

As of Friday evening, Clark's smarmy ads are still polluting the airwaves of northeastern Minnesota, offending all who have a sense of ethics and fair play. She should heed the words of the president she so tenaciously supported even after watching him bust a union.

Tarryl Clark, take down those ads!

Cross-posted at Iron Country Free Press

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  •  hero - villain? (0+ / 0-)

    I know Minnesota state politics is pretty exotic and unique, but other than that I do not keep up with it and am mostly uninformed. I do recall this person being heavily touted here ad nauseum a few years ago when she was  opposing Bachman. How did she fall so far from grace?

    •  Yes. (0+ / 0-)

      Although the rhetoric of keewatinrose is a bit over the top, Ms Clark is seen as just another carpetbagger. The last couple of elections the act of carpetbagging were main political points in the 8th district and will be again in this election (Cravaacks family has moved out of state, he commutes). From a MN point of view either Nolan or Anderson are more likely to be able to win against Cravaack.  Clark is a very long shot.  If she had run against Bachman again she would have stood a chance, but I don't see it in the 8th.  In some ways it is the differance between Democrats and DFL'ers (Democratic Farmer Labors Party). I don't know how to explain it to people not from MN.  The DFL and Democratic party are kind of the same but not really.  Can anyone explain it better then I?  I just know it when I see it. Does anyone know who Tomassoni is backing?

    •  Let me count the ways (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Clark's first big mistake was packsacking her way into northeastern Minnesota. She further compounded the problem by lying to us about darn near everything, where she lives, where she votes, abiding by the endorsement, her record etc. Heck, she even lied about attending a parade in Chisholm! And she's certainly no one organized labor can depend on. She is running exactly the same losing campaign as she did against Crazy Michele. Party activists in the district have told her to get out, her close friends have told her to get out, the party has told her to get out, but despite having virtually no grass roots support, here she stays. We didn't need an expensive primary to waste time and money when we have a tough race in the general. And now she has the nerve to attack two of our native sons, one of whom was the only Iron Range governor in Minnesota history?? If she knew anything at all about the Iron Range or northeastern Minnesota, she's know how incredibly stupid that is. And yes, I am aware that we Rangers are passionate and tend to be much more blunt or "refreshingly honest" than is comfortable for others.....

  •  We stayed on the shores of Lake Superior (Castle (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Danger) for a week last month. On our way back to Bemidji (where we stayed for another week until our daughter finished her 2 weeks of camp at the Chinese Concordia Language Village), we noticed signs for all these candidates. I was trying to figure out who was who -- couldn't even tell who was a Dem and who a Republican (saw one sign for Cravaack that actually said something about protecting Medicare, just to make things more confusing).
    What really amazed me is as we traveled west on U.S. 2: your district, complete with signs for all these candidates, traveled west with us. It went on and on. So I assume the population density, with the exception of Duluth, is pretty low.
    (and to honor our stay in that part of MN, we watched North Country, which we really enjoyed. And since I'm a Bob Dylan fan, I loved the music!).

    We're not perfect, but they're nuts! -- Barney Frank

    by Tamar on Fri Aug 10, 2012 at 08:02:20 PM PDT

    •  I hope you enjoyed your trip! (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      A little known fact is that Highway Two runs from the west coast to the east coast.  My spouse and I once drove it from Washington state to Maine. It was our version of Route 66!    It is a sparcely populated area, that is why geographically it is large for MN, politically it really helps to know the natives. This is a part of the country where even if you are a second or third generation, you are still considered new comers, in all but the tourist towns.

      •  I had an amazing geography teacher in high school (0+ / 0-)

        who explained the U.S. routes to us -- odd running north and south, even running east-west. When we were on U.S. 2, I suddenly realized that it was the perpendicular equivalent of U.S. 1 (which runs from Florida to Maine) and felt a combo of excitement and nostalgia as we drove our short piece of it. It must have been an incredible experience for you to do the whole thing. And it seems that unlike U.S. 1, it's not just a corridor of fast food places and chain stores.

        We love your state. This was our 5th time vacationing there (we started coming because of our daughter and Chinese camp). We've become particularly attached to Bemidji which is a small town with a lot of creativity and charm.

        But we wanted to try Lake Superior this year, for a change. It was incredibly beautiful, breathtaking in fact. Like a calm ocean.

        After watching North Country, we had, at least, a little bit of understanding about the Iron range and mining. And we drove very close to the towns used in the filming of the movie.

        We're not perfect, but they're nuts! -- Barney Frank

        by Tamar on Fri Aug 10, 2012 at 11:39:19 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  I will spend afternoon/evening calling for Nolan (0+ / 0-)

    tonight, maybe tomorrow as well, as a volunteer in the Beltrami County DFL office in Bemidji, where Rick Nolan is expected to visit on Monday at 10 AM.

    I have seen no presence of the Clark or Anderson campaign in the Western part of CD 8 from Little Falls to Brainerd through Walker and Bemidji. I drive that way lots, and it is a big and populous part of the district.

  •  Tags (0+ / 0-)

    I think you should add the tag "DK Elections" to this and other similar diaries. it will like them to the Daily Kos Election subsite. This would be the sorry of thing that would be useful over there.

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