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Migration patterns of Ashkenazi Jews, map
My Ashkenazi Jewish relatives, before they crossed the Black Sea.
So I got a DNA test done, and it turns out that I likely have Jewish blood from my father's side, specifically Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. I was so excited, that I had to let my hate mailer pen pal and Nazi George Rockwell know.

The exchange is below the fold, after some other random hate.


MarKKKosa MouliNAZI friend of HITLER and fascist-OBAMA drop dead!!! You hate DEMOCRACYY and we love it!
You hate JESUS and the BIBLE and we love them!
You hate the US COSNTITUTION and we love it!
You hate FREEDOM and WE love it!
You hate CAPITALISM and we love it!
We support ISRAEL and JEWS and you hate tem!
We fight ISLAMOFACSISM and you take money from your oil-sheik-terror-pals
We have WIFE and KIDS and you take it in the ASS!
You are not american you are NAZI SHIT!
Get the fuck out of AMERICA if you hate it so much!


What a funny way of showing your love for DEMOCRACYY. I think you meant "REPUBLICAN PRIMARIESS AND NOTHING ELSEE!!!"
Harry Ried

 Harry, you stupid ass, why should I care about Romney's tax returns? As long as he paid the amount that the law requires why should anyone care how much it was! Who would be stupid enough to paymore than they are required by law to pay? He is not in trouble with the IRS so thats what he did! Did you pay more than you were required to Harry? You, Pelosi, and Obama have done such a terrible job of governing that you have to lie to create a distraction so that we won't look at your record in office! I am a life long democrat but this election I am voteing for Romney!!! I don't need to see Romney's Tax returns nor do I need to see a copy of his most recient colonoscopy or Xrays. However I wouldn't mind seeing Harry's, Nancy's and Obama's latest colonoscopys. I am sure they would show that these three people are completely full of shit!

If you are a lifelong Democrat, then Harry Reid was Mitt Romney's lifelong accountant!
Hey, you dimwitted fucktard! Have you run the GOS into the ground yet?

You're such a bug-eyed, high-pitched, neutered dipshit, koshole! I found this in my drafts, which I wrote, but did not send, when you bravely unbanned skankerwank, because you have no stones, convictions or character. How do you look at your ugly visage every morning, anyway? Fuck you and your shitty little LLC, you thieving shithead. You still owe me $100. You better hope we never run into each other, because you will piss yourself, you chickenshit.

You really are a nutless wonder. You've got even less credibility than Grover Norquist-loving Jane Hamshire. She's at least braver and slightly more principled than your wussy ass.

You couldn't pay me to come back to your shithole of a blog you cowardly, Bush-voting, shit-eating scumbag.

Fuck you, you chickenshit asshole-licking, Santorum-gulping comestain of an excuse of a male human.

How embarrassing for your mother, you weak dribble down your daddy's leg.

They should have saved the afterbirth, instead.

Go spelunk yourself, you gaping asshole. Eat shit and live miserably, you've earned it!

I will watch your slow crumble with joy and much popcorn, you weak twerp.

Skankerwank has stones of steel, compared to your microscopic gonads.

How can you look your bug-eyed, weak face in the mirror without sucking a barrel and pulling the trigger?

I know you fancy yourself a businessman, but were your testicles worth the price?

You and the douchebags deserve each other, along with all the preening egos, like teacherken, rserven and Tim.

Fuck the whole lot of you, Karl Rove-asshole-licking spineless twerps.

You're as contemptible as you are laughable.

A cunt is a good thing, something you and your boss skankerwank will never be.

Neither of you could be cunts if your life depended on it.

Cunts are delicious and fun, you're not even an asshole; you're more like a sagging taint that can't quite do its job.

You aren't worthy, you limp putz. You should work for Microsoft because the name describes you to a "T", and you and it
are the only businesses that are rewarded for failure, but your game has gotten weaker than ever, you puny wanker.

I curse you for having a once good thing and being too weak and stupid to do it justice. Fuck you, you miserable little koshole.

Yep. I coined koshole in your dishonor. koshole. Heh.

May you sleep rarely and miserably. May your dreams be filled of your failures, and your nightmares be visions of your future.

And may my crops rot in the fields and my women wail in despair! A round of applause for Trashablanca, everyone! Don't forget to tip your waitress.

So I was saying, I'm apparently a Member of the Tribe which, among its perks, means that I get to needle our resident Nazi hate mailer George Rockwell.

From: Markos
To: George Rockwell (
Subject: Good news!

I did a DNA analysis to find out my heritage, and it turns out that I have the J2 haplogroup in my genes. That group is present in 25 percent of Seohardic Jewish men!

I thought you might appreciate that.

From: George
To: Markos

you are part jew? i'm very sorry to hear that markos. please remember that you are still not bound to serve the jew hegemony. you do have a choice since you are only partially jew. this sounds like a call for help, markos. i understand that you're upset and i can help you to move away from the jew power structure. all you have to do is listen to me and really start thinking for yourself. you may be partially jew, but the majority of you is not. your jew genes do not contaminate you unless you allow them to.


From: Markos
To: George

You should do a DNA analysis of your ancestry, to see if you have any Jewish blood in you. That would be pretty cool!

From: George
To: Markos

don't even joke about such things, markos. i do not have jew blood, but if i did it would be devastating. i would rather not know. not to mention the fact that most such dna analysis companies are either run or owned by jews. it would be in their interest to find evidence of jew dna in as many people as possible.

From: Markos
To: George

You know who wouldn't be interested in allowing Jews to use genetic tests to prove he was a Jew? A secret Jew.

At this point I received a coupon for $50 off a DNA test from I forwarded it to George.
From: Markos
To: George

Hey George,

Good news! They're running a promotion on 23andme for DNA tests. I'll gladly pay for yours, so we can definitively rule out the possibility that you have Jewish blood. We can't have scurrilous rumors about your possible lineage, so let's put them to bed with the DNA test.

What do you say? It'll be on my dime!

From: George
To: Markos

i am not a jew and i don't need charity. but just to shut you up i'll take the stupid test. i  will have to find a company that is not so obviously jew-operated, of course. however, if it turns out that there is no jew blood in me, then i'll send you the bill. in fact, if i am zero percent jew, i also also want a legally binding apology.

An apology for what? Stay tuned next week for the next installment in yet another entertaining George Rockwell episode.

This week's hate mail is

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