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I have always known of this site, although I am normally a frequenter of Red State and the Drudge Report, two sites that have truly broken the back of the liberal media and given Americans a free source of news.  However, I feel, unlike many of my other conservative friends, that there needs to be a consensus in America given how much Obama has divided this country and pitted American against American.  I wish to debate you liberals.  I fully expect to be banned.  The liberal PC police will ban me from this site.  Liberals and the Democrat party hate to have their ideas examined in the light of day, but just in the off chance we can have a reasoned debate, I will put forth a topic and show the conservative side.  You probably rarely if ever hear of it in your liberal bubble.  Censor me if you must, but there are millions of mainstream Americans like myself who will defeat you at the polls.

The first topic is of course the rightward shift of the country.  2010 was a landmark year where conservatives finally had something to fight for.  We have been tired of being thrown crumbs by the RNC.  We know now that there are millions of conservatives that were lying in wait and are now activated.  2010 proved this.  Millions of Americans were against the overreach of the liberal agenda, trying to bankrupt us by creating problems where there were none.  I always question whether liberals understand how many millions are spent by charitable Christians to provide health care to the poor.  Catholic hospitals do so much to help the needy, and now they are under attack and may have to close or else be forced to go against their religious values.  There was no health care problem, and millions of Americans get the best health care in the world.  We have the most advanced technologies, the most doctors, and the fastest wait times.  Patients do not have to sift through mountains of bureaucratic red tape to get their MRIs.  Do not talk to me about Canada.  They are smaller and pay more in taxes, as well as wait longer for life saving treatment.

The debate topic is: Why do you think that you lost so badly in 2010?

So the health care debacle, where liberals created a problem where there was none and tried to fix it with spending that has thrown our economy into a maelstrom.  Just like the stimulus, you cannot fix an economy with more spending, it simply just digs you into a greater hole, where businesses can no longer hire due to uncertainty.

I know I will be banned from the site, as liberals do not like to have their world view questioned are intolerant of views other than their own.  I challenge you to the defend the Democrat party with facts rather than Obama-style lies, and defend yourself instead of running away.

8:13 PM PT: Many liberals have attacked me, this much I expected, and there have been many ad hominem attacks which is the hallmark of Democrats.  However, no one has answered my question, why did you lose so much in 2010?  Even with the liberal media was trying to cover for you?

8:40 PM PT: I'm just screwing with you guys for kicks.  This diary is a mishmash of Right wing talking points (i.e. my family after a few vodkas)  and drivel.  I just wanted to see how you would react to right wing smear, and you did beautifully.

Obama 2012!

Originally posted to redstater999 on Fri Aug 10, 2012 at 07:38 PM PDT.

Also republished by Trolls.

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