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The owner of FreeRepublic is mad.

This primary season has increased his madness to the point of banning many, many dedicated wingnuts because they refuse to keep trying to continue putting the square peg into the round hole.

The mad owner of FreeRepublic, which relies on almost perpetual quarterly begathons to keep running, swore that the "GOP Elite" would not get his vote his vote with Romney as the nominee.

Putting Ryan on the ticket forced the very mad owner of FreeRepublic to restate for the record just how mad he is:

Except for his unfortunate go along to get along support of TARP, bailouts, stimulus spending and the increased credit limit, etc, Ryan is a pretty good choice. Probably the best choice of the RINOS that were on Romney's short list. I support Ryan for the vice presidency. Wish he were at the top of the ticket, though.
Get it? Even their pet little Medicaid killing Munster is a RINO, no one is good enough for the mad owner of FreeRepublic except for the very selective and foggy memory of St. Ronnie.
But I still cannot and will not support the grand father of ObamaCare. Romney still loves and brags about his bastard brainchild, RomneyCare, even today when he knows what an anti-liberty socialist POS it is.
I guess that little faux pass, which was really quite benign, that Andrea Saul uttered really did open that old wound right back up. Oh well, sucks to be them.

The mad owner of FreeRepublic goes off on another tangent of Romney's imaginary liberal treachery which really isn't even worth getting into because of this:

Lastly, we're having a bit of changeover on our moderator staff. At least two moderators resigned this afternoon after I flatly refused to rein in a so-called anti-Mormon "bigot" on FR. Well, if being in opposition to false prophets and false prophecy makes a Christian believer a bigot, then I guess I'm a bigot. I've posted before that I flat do not believe that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God. Nor do I believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. The Christian bible warns us to be weary of false prophets and that I am. Romney being the presumptive Republican nominee does not change that fact.
OK then, at least two, the purge isn't over.

A few of the folks still left over there threw in the towel and the ones remaining in the bunker are still busy cheering wildly at the purity of a true conservative leader.

All this is here.


FreeRepublic has been off the radar for a long time.

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