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The Tea Party can now declare victory, well done, it has been mind-boggling to watch and the Republican Party is no more.

If Romney fails in November it will be because he is not pure enough and not because the policies he is proposing are rejected by a majority.

In the house and senate no matter who wins stalemate will be guaranteed for another four years, either by veto or complete obstruction. You can call this a win win situation for the Tea Party since  purity will once more be called into question.

If Romney wins there are enough Democrats willing to compromise so as to look grown up. We will be in for a very bad time indeed; Romney will fold to every demand no matter how damaging, not one Republican senator nor representative will resist.

The Democratic Party cannot govern if they win by slender majorities, and our dear beloved press will continue to support the meme that it is bipartisan dysfunction.

The Tea Party have a death grip on the Republican Party. One must be pure, no compromise is possible.

If the Republicans win in November every gain since the second world war will be wiped out.

The War on Women will be ramped up to a whole new level.

Every gain by the LGBT community will be rolled back.

Necon foreign policy will throw us into more nightmare scenarios.

The war on every other religion will reach a whole new fever pitch.

Everything not nailed down will be privatized.

Education will be based on the capacity to pay.

Health care will remain a luxury.

The class war will be over.

This is the most important election of our times; if only to maintain the stalemate.

I can see nothing good in November, except maybe just holding on until the Tea Party loses its stranglehold on the GOP, but that is not going to end anytime soon.

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