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Not the only way certainly -- many here have done it well and Paul Krugman and Charlie Pierce have eviscerated Ryan in their national blogs.

But Stephanie Miller was on CNN's Reliable Sources show hosted by Howard Kurtz Sunday (h/t Heather at Crooks & Liars).

And Miller was stellar in mocking Ryan and the corporate media's consistent extolling of Ryan as "bold and courageous."

Miller's best bit was this:

KURTZ: Now what the Washington pundit class is saying, it seems to me Stephanie Miller, is that you may not like Paul Ryan's ideas, and I bet you don't.


KURTZ: But at least he has a plan and he's put himself out there with a detailed, or fairly detailed budget, some omissions in it clearly, and the Democrats are largely ducking the debate about entitlements. So how do you take that one on?

MILLER: Oh, you mean ducking, as in not wanting to destroy the social safety nets? This is what drives me crazy about the “mainstream media,” present company excepted of course is that somebody puts forward a plan like that and people go “oh well that's bold and courageous” and ooh he's “serious.” It's seriously a horrible plan. I don't think there's anything, you know, bold or refreshing about destroying Medicare and replacing it with vouchers.

More goodness from Stephanie, below.

Her first bit showed that she's as funny as she is smart:

MILLER: I'm not sure if this is better for comedy or better for Democrats. It's about even. I love the fact that Eddie Munster is trending on social media now and also the term “zombie-eyed granny-starver” which I believe my friend Charlie Pierce coined on my show.

KURTZ: This would be a reference to the Congressman from Wisconson.

MILLER: Yes, this would be a reference to someone that who wants to gut Medicare. I guess they just gave up Florida.

Re: Romney introducing Ryan as the "next President":
Freudian slip or I've read some columns saying that this is such a Hail Mary, that this is such an obvious giving up on the cycle, that they are trying to prep Paul Ryan for the next time.
To Kurtz' Villager point that we have to do something, RIGHT NOW, to reduce Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits:
This is what George Bush tried to do with privatizing Social Security.

First of all, they call it a crisis, it's not a crisis. It's not that there can't be policy ideas, but Paul Ryan's are roundly rejected by the American public.

And as my favorite writer Howard Kurtz pointed out, it does nothing to address the deficit. With all these tax cuts for the rich, if you're gonna run as a small-government person, his budget does nothing to reduce the deficit.

On Ryan vs. Pawlenty, Portman and Thune:
Why not double down on getting beat up on Medicare? He's certainly not a boring white guy -- he likes to strangle catfish with his bare hands.
Kurtz mentions that Miller is a liberal talk show host likely to be "drowned out" by conservative talk radio heavyweights like Limbaugh, and she responds:
I don't think so, look at all of the polling, the American public is largely with us.

They do not think it's a good idea to give further tax cuts to the rich.

This is Bush's plan, even worse.


The vast majority of the American people don't want tax cuts for the rich and gutting Medicare.


Just because you're loud doesn't mean you're right.

Stephanie Miller is a progressive talk radio star, and the only reason you can't hear her show is that most talk radio stations and networks are owned by right-wing conservatives who are deliberately using this medium to gain political power.

And they don't want you to hear a funny, smart, common-sense liberal who represents the views of most Americans.

Especially the only one whose father was Barry Goldwater's running mate in 1964.

Originally posted to devtob on Mon Aug 13, 2012 at 04:17 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement and DKOMA.

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