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Joe Biden, earlier today, talking about Republicans and Mitt Romney's vow to "unchain" the big Wall Street banks:
Look at what they value, and look at their budget and what they're proposing. Romney wants to let the—he said in the first hundred days—he's gonna let the big banks once again write their own rules. "Unchain!" Wall Street. [Boos] They gonna put y'all back in chains. [Laughter, applause]
According to the Romney campaign, that up there is a "new low" in politics. No, they're sure of it. They're in total hissyfit mode, and making sure every pundit they know knows just how many fainting couches Mitt Romney had to personally buy his staff just to get them through the day. It's all right to speculate whether the president is or is not actually a Muslim who is secretly in league with terrorists, or to schedule a campaign event with the rich guy who says he's pretty damn sure the suspiciously black president wasn't even born in this country, thanks to super-amazing evidence he feels no need to share with anyone else. It's all right for Allen West to call opponents "members of the Communist Party" or for Michele Bachmann to demand investigations as to which ethnic people may or may not be terrorist sympathizers. It's all right to tell senior citizens that a plan to expand Medicare includes something called "death panels." It's perfectly fine to put out entire ad campaigns based on clipped footage to make someone appear to say something they didn't, or to claim that the very, very suspiciously black president is trying to make sure people on welfare never have to work when the actual program is explicitly supposed to do the opposite, and which you yourself endorsed wholeheartedly until the unbelievably suspiciously black president did the same damn thing. Going back a few years, it's all right to suggest that the current president's child is a "dog," or to send out tittering questions about how your white opponent has a suspiciously black kid, or to say meh, let's just fuck all national security laws entirely because we've got this really juicy story on how our momentary political thorn-in-the-side's wife actually works as an agent for the CIA.

But this? No, this is the "new low" in politics. None of the rest of that stuff can possibly compare. Mitt himself has explicitly declined to chastise the Bachmanns or the Trumps of the world, because it's just not his place, he says. Nope. Just this.

12:34 PM PT: While team Romney is accusing Biden of using a racial "code word", here's Mitt Romney himself, in his USA Today editorial from last December, demanding that we "remove the shackles of government." Discuss.

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