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Apologies for the short diary but I'm on my Ipad and couldn't contain myself when reading this article.

I quicky searched if there was a diary about this but didn't find it ( if I missed it,  I ll delete this one)

Anyway,  'memba  the ladies that were kicked off Paul Ryan first rally?
'Memba his remark (which honestly I thought veered on sexist): These ladies must not be from IA because they're usually nice and quiet? ( obviously am paraphrasing but that's basically the gist of what he was saying)

Well one of them just penned him a letter in a Salon article...

" Yes, Mr. Ryan,  I'm from Iowa "

She's 63 and a retired school teacher.

Her letter touched me. And angered me.
Why are Republicans so heartless???

Go on and read her response to Mr Ryan.

The money paragraph ( to me and it seems to a lot of the commentators here):

But I’m 63 years old now, I’m retired, and I’ve seen the impact of that silence.  I’ve seen who really pays the price for silence and it is the poor and the middle class.  I have seen the big picture – how corporate greed erodes democracy and factories take over farms. I’ve seen it all up-close and personal too, every day, for 24 years, teaching middle school in a district that serves low-income families. I have seen kids come to school in the dead of winter with no socks and kept my classroom stocked with food to make sure these kids had a fighting chance to learn when they made it, by themselves, with no one to set the alarm and no one to drive them through the snow, to school against the odds. I’ve seen their parents struggle to get off drugs and wait months, years even, for a spot in a treatment program that would give them a fighting chance to be the parents they truly want to be

It's nothing we here didn't know. But it's very eloquent and clearly articulates the choice we have in November.

Among the faux gaffes ( he said " chains"!!  Needs to back to Chicago!  President Ryan!),  there are lives at stakes.

We need to make sure these selfish,  greedy,  inhumane, awful candidates NOT set ONE foot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as occupants.

My family and friends (thankfully most Democrats) know not to talk to me if they have even one excuse for not voting this year. Not Acceptable!

Pushback and pushback loudly!!

6:36 PM PT: OMG Thank you guys!! Let's spread the word !!

I updated the title to clarify that I was talking about Paul Ryan ( not Ron Paul)  as per several of your recommendations ... Sorry, I seriously wrote this on my Ipad on a bumpy bus ride going home, all emotional after reading the letter.

This lady has my utmost admiration for her courage, her humility and heart.

" We're ALL IOWANS NOW !!"

Originally posted to Inameli on Wed Aug 15, 2012 at 02:42 PM PDT.

Also republished by ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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