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Imagine you had just graduated from college. And like most college graduates, you end up starting out your "real life" with a mountain of debt in tow.

Imagine you had 3 different Student Loans, varying from 8 to 12% interest, and 2 or 3 maxed-out credit cards to boot -- at 12 to 18% interest. (In my case, it doesn't take that much imagination.)

Imagine you realize about 6 months into this real world "spending adventure" -- you realize your "great entry level job" is barely making month ends meet -- and sometimes not even.

What do you do?  If you're like Romney-Ryan -- you just keep making those payments, you get even MORE credit cards at exorbitant rates to tide you over those rough patches

-- otherwise you'd be "Cutting Banker-Care" {Medicare} by some god-awful amount. (Be afraid citizen, and pay up.)

You would never find ways to consolidate your Loans into one easy 4% payment; you would never transfer those Credit Card balances to one 8% rate card,

-- No that would be "simpleton heresy" in their worldview. No Romney-Ryan would have you keep making all those outrageous "future payments" in order to "protect Banker-care" -- and then quietly wait for debtors prison summons.

Such is the "stealing from Medicare" argument they are making:  'DON'T EVER take money from the "interest creators" -- like that greedy Obamacare does.'  

Something they have both vowed to repeal on "Day One" --

while making damn sure every Banker {server provider} gets their every "future payment" due ... whether they earned it or not.  No questions asked.

Here's a clue for you Romney-Ryan:

When you trim wasteful "future spending" -- it's NOT Stealing -- it's called "smart planning."

Some might even call it getting your budget house in order -- or a wise future investment.

Why continue making "wasteful" payments with built-in annual rate increases, when you don't have too?

Why sign 6 blank checks every month -- when you can find "competitive market forces" that will do the "same job" (lend you services) for much less than you're paying now?

Why indeed?  Romney-Ryan are hoping you don't have any "investment imagination," it seems.

Luckily for "actual people" making their way in the real world, the Democratic party led by Barack Obama, knows a thing or two about bending "future cost curves" back towards reality.

Undoing Obama's Medicare cuts may backfire on Romney

by Ricado Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press -- August 17, 2012

But Obama’s cuts were not directly aimed at Medicare’s 48 million beneficiaries; instead they affect hospitals, insurers, nursing homes, drug companies and other service providers. Simply undoing the cuts would restore higher payments to those service providers. And that would cause Medicare to spend money faster.

The Obama campaign was quick to seize on the issue.

"The fact of the matter is, what Romney is proposing now is to roll all that back, which would mean that Medicare would reach insolvency eight years earlier, which would mean that seniors would lose benefits," David Axelrod, a senior political adviser to Obama, said yesterday on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe." [...]

Romney-Ryan are counting on you be dutiful Medicare bill-payers -- as if all charges related to that essential program ARE EQUAL.

Guess what, they're not. Just like all student loans are not created equal either.

Sometimes a spending cut, is just a spending cut, is just what Doctor Ryan ordered ...

Paul Ryan On Medicare Cut:  Obama Did It First

by Steve Peoples, -- 08/16/12

WARREN, Ohio -- Republican vice presidential contender Paul Ryan says he never would have included a $700 billion Medicare cut in his budget if President Barack Obama hadn't done it first.

"He put those cuts there," Ryan said Thursday, responding to a reporter's question while eating a hot dog in a restaurant. "We would never have done it in the first place."

"The president was talking about Medicare yesterday. I'm excited about this," Ryan said during a morning campaign stop in North Canton. "This is a debate we want to have, this is a debate we need to have and this is a debate we're going to win."

But Ryan did not mention that his own budget proposal included the same cut. A reporter pressed him on the issue during an impromptu stop at a local hot dog restaurant.

Romney-Ryan are counting on you be dutiful voters too -- unplug your 'common sense' and just vote for them, because they are the one's representing your "best future interests"

-- whether you can afford to pay their every coupon-supplemented fee or not.

Romney-Ryan are counting on you to fall their apples = oranges trick.  Their 'All student loans are the same' rouse:

Just pay the bill.  Make the minimum payment.  Get a second Job, if you have to.

Just don't EVER steal Billions and Billions from Medicare -- that's their job.  

Starting on Day One.

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