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I want the US Health Insurance industry to DIE IN A FIRE. No, seriously. I want them to go bankrupt with extreme prejudice. I want their officers and board-members to go to PMITA prison for long, long lives*. I want to look out over the carnage and say, "Finally, this gaggle of morally-corrupt douchebags got what they deserved."

Here's my story.

I need certain drugs to live. That is to say, I need certain chemicals in my brain to make me functional enough to be a productive member of society, hold a job, pay taxes and be an all-around nice guy.

In an extra-ironic twist of fate, several of the meds I need to take daily must be brand name. Don't believe the hype: generics are not the same. Sure, the active ingredient is the same, but it is the inactive ingredient that is not. Everyone's body reacts with the inactive ingredient, but to a different degree and in a different way. If I try to take the generics for certain of my meds, the active ingredient doesn't work.

I was out of work for 9 months last year, so I had a hard time making ends meet. The triumvirate of health insurance, food and rent meant that I had to let the insurance go. I had to get my meds from out-of-country, which is currently illegal (although enforcement is lax).

Now I'm employed and (yipee!) have health insurance. I take my new prescriptions and my insurance card to the pharmacy to get 'em filled.

Three 'scripts, $650 total. For thirty days supply. With insurance.

F me.

Insteand, I'm going to take the illegal, no-insurance price of $460 FOR NINETY FARKING DAYS SUPPLY, because my insurance company blows goats.

Long, long ago, when I had Really Good Health Insurance, meds were $20 co-pay per month. But I guess corporate bonuses weren't high enough, or something, to keep costs low.

Look, I'm more fiscally conservative than the dyed-in-the-fake-wool-TeaBagger, but I'm also more socially liberal than tree-hugging Ed Begley, Jr. Doesn't the concept of 'protecting Americans' include protecting our health? Why does it only include protecting us by invading the land of scary fake boogiemen? Can't we take 25% of the federal budget earmarked for "defense" and get our medical costs down to something reasonable, as in gratis?

Why are people allowed to make a profit on 'health'? WTF is wrong with them (and us)?

* They can join the politicians they bought, who put the interests of getting paid over their constituents' lives.

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