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Turzai: Voter ID Will Allow Romney to Win Pennsylvania


Republican Rep Mike Turzai:

Voter ID which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania -- Done!  (applause)

All pretence that installing Photo ID Laws all across the nation, is for the purpose of ending hypothetical 'Voter Fraud,' should have ended with that Republican Disclosure.  It hasn't.

The well-executed plan by Republicans to put unreasonable obstacles in the way of millions of Voters -- should be front page news across the nation. But sadly it's not.

Who cares what that Republican rep says about those new Voter Photo ID Laws -- he didn't really mean it (mean -- to let it slip what their plan is, like that.)

Pay no attention to that "front group" behind the curtain, People.

It not like the template for installing that 'Obstacle Course' in between you and your right to vote -- isn't common knowledge to those who submit and votes these Xerox Bills as their own. Oops.

It's just that it's usually they have enough 'good sense' NOT to admit it in public -- that these bills are about Voter Suppression, NOT about 'Voter Fraud' as their standard line usually is.  

No one mention that 'Voter Fraud' is not an real problem, please. The press might have to do some actual research, if you do.


(provided by

html   pdf


This legislation requires any United States citizen[i] desiring to vote in a state to provide proof of identity at the polls, outlines permissible provisional ballots, and optionally[ii] provides for a free ID to those who do not have a driver's license.


  (a) "Proof of identity" means a document or identification card that:

    (1) Shows the name of the person to whom the document was issued;
    (2) Shows a photograph of the person to whom the document was issued;
    (3) Contains an expiration date, and is not expired.
    (4) Is issued by the United States or the State of Arkansas.


  (b) Any person desiring to vote in this state shall present proof of identity to the election official when appearing to vote in person either early or at the polls on Election Day.
    (1) If the voter is listed on the precinct voter registration list but fails to provide proof of identity, the election official shall:

      (A) Indicate on the precinct voter registration list that the voter did not provide proof of identity; and

      (B) Request that the voter execute an affidavit in the presence of the election official containing:
        (i) A written eligibility affirmation stating that he or she is a registered voter in the precinct in which he or she desires to vote and is eligible to vote; and
        (ii) A statement that the voter cannot provide proof of identity because the voter:
          (a) Does not have proof of identity available at the time of voting;
          (b) Is indigent; or
          (c) Has a religious objection to being photographed.

    (2) If a voter executes an affidavit under subsection (c)(1)(B) of this section, the election official shall permit the voter to cast a provisional ballot.

  (d) A provisional ballot cast by a voter who did not provide proof of identity shall be counted if:
      (A) The voter returns to the county board of election commissioners by 12:00 p.m. on the Monday following the election and provides proof of identity.

      (B) If a voter does not return to the county board of election commissioners and provide proof of identity, the county board of election commissioners shall make a determination whether to count a provisional ballot cast by a voter who did not provide proof of identity based on the merits of each provisional ballot; and

    (2) The voter has not been challenged or required to vote a provisional ballot for any other reason.

  (e) An identification card shall be issued without the payment of a fee or charge to an individual who:

    (1) Does not have a valid driver's license; and

    (2) Will be at least eighteen (18) years of age at the next general election, special election, or municipal election.

  (f) The provisions of this section concerning the presentation of proof of identity when appearing to vote shall not apply to a person who is a resident of a licensed nursing home, licensed residential care facility, licensed assisted-living facility, or any licensed facility that provides long-term medical or personal care.


  The following are repealed: --------------_ __.


  This [act] takes effect ____.

[i]In its Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, ALEC also outlines suggested requirements for proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

[ii]Because numerous United States Supreme Court decisions have been interpreted to hold that government may not require citizens to pay any fee in exchange for the right to vote, bill drafters may wish to include a section that mandates the provision of publicly funded ID cards without cost to those citizens who request them.

Approved by the Public Safety and Elections Task Force on July 17, 2009.

Approved by the ALEC Board of Directors on August 27, 2009.

This Citizens' rights 'Obstacle Course' -- designed and installed by ALEC -- is about two tons of toxic medicine prescribed for an exceedingly rare disease.  Who cares if 5 million plus are no longer allowed to vote, as long as the dozen or so actual Voter Fraud cases, never happen again.

ALEC certainly doesn't care about those over 5,000,000 voters soon to be blocked from voting -- since most of them are Democrats -- and most of ALEC sponsors are not.

The corporate-sponsored front group "legislative action committee" ALEC demands you show "proof" that you exist.  If you want to vote, that is.

ALEC provides the legalese -- your so-called State Representative provides his John Hancock {or 'Mike Turzai' in this case} and just fills in the blanks.

Funny how they don't make it this hard to "prove" that we have Taxes to pay -- just sign and send -- when it comes to the IRS.

Funny -- THAT side of the "democracy" equation ... it's as 'easy as pie.'

No fuss, No muss. Hey citizens pay up -- it's Tax Season again.

And most of us, dutifully do.  Just pay up.   Our Country needs us.

Shouldn't placing our Votes -- be at least as easy as paying Taxes?

(We need less Obstacles to Vote -- NOT more.  We deserve that. We pay their way.)

Call it the new "American Way" ... call it putting citizens in their place ...

Call it ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council making life easy for those corporation persons in America ... paving the way for their brave, new privatization world.

Just copy, paste, print ...  Repeat.  And pass our ALEC-bills please.

Democracy used to be of, for, and by the People ... or so we are taught.

For a Bill to become the Law of the Land, there was a very deliberative process, that brought together the 'best minds' in the country -- to supposedly end up with a wise and considered result.

Recently however, ALEC has managed to add their ill-considered opinions to that deliberative process. Sorry Citizens -- you lose.

No hard feeling eh?  Oh by the way, it's Tax Season again.  We make that as easy as can be.  

Your Vote?  Sorry we need all those signed, original, affidavit documents, in triplicate -- that prove you exist.  That your opinions still matter.

It's no joke.  It's just your Vote.  It's your voice -- at least it used to be ... it used to matter.

Until the ALEC "copy and paste" racket -- came to an legislative house, near you. Until ALEC told the Republicans: what to print, what to pass -- and how to keep winning that insignificant, but so necessary, voter game. Need to cheat to win -- No problem!  ALEC has you covered.

Americans, if you want to Vote -- NOW you got to "prove it" (prove you still have that right) -- in their ALEC-sponsored America.

Prove you're not Mickey Mouse -- trying to vote for Donald Duck.  

Prove you got what it takes to get through their Disney-land Maze.

----------  ----------  ----------  ----------  

{ [iii] ... Over 80 percent of ALEC’s finances come from corporate contributions.}

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