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No, apparently we can't
    How bad can things get for Todd Akin and Republicans today? This bad.


    In the clearest sign yet that pressure is being exerted on Akin to leave the race, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn (Texas) issued a statement saying the Congressman has 24 hours to make a decision on what’s “best for him, his family, the Republican Party, and the values that he cares about” and to “carefully consider” his options. A GOP source also confirmed that the NRSC is prepared to pull it’s $5 million ad reservation if Akin does not drop out of the contest.

     “Congressman Akin’s statements were wrong, offensive, and indefensible,” Cornyn said.

   Indefensible! Cornyn has issued Akin a 24 hour decision to presumably drop out. Pardon me while I laugh until my ribs hurt, if you want to see what a hair on fire disaster today has been for the GOP and their hopes to regain the Senate, go below the fold for more . . . .

This is what a frantic panic looks like. But this time it is really bad and Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) is stepping in. Senators Scott Brown (R-MA) and Rob Johnson (R-WI) have already called for local woman parts expert and idiot Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin to step down after he made the horrific political mistake of saying what he actually thinks about women and rape, and now after pundits defended Akin and his political allies were running away, John Cornyn is stepping in to throw Akin under the bus. Hard.

     Sen. Cornyn is also in charge of getting Republican Senators elected and taking back the Senate Majority leadership from Harry Reid, so his words carry a tad more weight than Freshmen Senators Scott Brown and Ron Johnson.

    We've had a few weeks in a row of frantic GOP panics, Republicans stumbling over themselves running away from Paul Ryan's budget, before that Mitt stumbling over his tax returns and their contents, before that Mitt's record at Bain and before that Willard's shamble through Europe, but this is really bad. Jon Cornyn is the National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman, if he panics this is a real problem, right? So, without further ado . . .

    In the clearest sign yet that pressure is being exerted on Akin to leave the race, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn (Texas) issued a statement saying the Congressman has 24 hours to make a decision on what’s “best for him, his family, the Republican Party, and the values that he cares about” and to “carefully consider” his options. A GOP source also confirmed that the NRSC is prepared to pull it’s $5 million ad reservation if Akin does not drop out of the contest.

“Congressman Akin’s statements were wrong, offensive, and indefensible,” Cornyn said.

  I strongly suggest reading the whole piece at RollCall, but here are some of my own thoughts on this . . . .

   Wow! It's going to be hard to walk all of the condemnation he has gotten from other Republicans in tight races if Akin stays in, but I think he will, and here is why; self proclaimed Tea Party Senate candidates have had a knack for being thick-skulled extremist partisan whackjobs who don't do so good at reasoning. Remember the "I am not a witch." senate Candidate from Delaware last year? I have the feeling this isn't the last time a GOP senate candidate says something that is batshit crazy before the end of this election, but the GOP is treating this instance as a full blown disaster, as in bad enough that they will focus their resources and focus elsewhere and leave Akin to rot if he decides to hang in and guarantee his own loss. But then, Akin is here for a reason, he is a loony ass far right extremist who won a primary among looney ass GOP primary voters who like their politicians unreasonable and mavericky. Good luck if you are a Republican who wants to try to reason with Todd Akin.

   Now if you want more bad news with your bad news for Todd Akin? Looks like Karl Rove and his Big Money Crossroads GPS SuperPAC is pulling out of Missouri.

    To make matter’s worse for Akin’s flailing campaign, a high-profile Super PAC also announced today it has begun withdrawing from from the Show Me State. Nate Hodson, a spokesman for American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, confirmed a Politico report that the group has canceled a new round of ads it planned to begin running this week.

    Listen, I have a feeling that when Karl Rove throws in the towel on you, you are officially toast within the GOP.

     This doesn't look like strategy, it looks like panic, and it is my opinion that everyone on the GOP side thinks Akin is now totally toxic. Todd Akin, though, has no idea that he is toxic right now, and the longer he remains clueless, the better for everyone who is sane.

   I can't believe I find myself hoping a Republican Teavangelist stays clueless. But this is it. Everyone else on the right, in less than 24 hours, other than the dumbest pundits left on CNN and Fox News is casting Todd Akin adrift on an iceberg out to sea, and I believe it is because the GOP fears this implosion of Todd Akin saying the things that he is thinking about will cost them the entire Senate.

   So, after frantic panicking led Romney to select Paul Ryan and enjoy the Worst. VP Roll Out. Ever. now this? In less than 24 hours GOP Senate leadership and GOP candidates for Senate are throwing Akin under the bus and Karl Rove is pulling up his anchor on him and shoving off, just wow. For a party backed by unlimited corporate funding running on racial resentment and executing a strategy of denying minorities, the elderly, students, inner-city people and the poor the right to vote, these guys can never catch a break!

   So the GOP has another bad week beginning already, and the only upside for them is if Todd Akin figures out that he is toxic on a national scale, listens to reason and quits the race, letting another Republican run against the incumbent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri, but that whole plan hings on getting a tea party Republican to listen to reason, so yeah, good luck with that.

   I think Senator Cornyn and Karl Rove think that Akin might cost them the whole Senate. It should.

The floor is now yours . . .




3:58 PM PT: Now Sean Hannity is throwing Akin under the bus. How soon until Rush Limbaugh feeds Akin to the Rancor that leaves under his throne?

 Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake, eh?

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