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Poor Joe Scarborough is having a Sad.  Y'see members of his party just keep talking and talking and letting out The Stupid.

On Tuesday’s edition of “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough vented his frustration with Missouri Rep. Todd Akin (R)’s refusal to drop out of the race for U.S. Senate and said that he’s tired of his party being the “Stupid Party.”
Well, gee,Joe - after all these years I thought you'd be used to it by now.
It's not like all the Global Warming Denial, Rampant Birtherism, Ignorance about Contraception and complete misunderstanding of what "Socialism" and "Marxism" actually is, wasn't a bit of a hint about the Free Range Stupid in the Republican Party,  

But what's even more amazing than the fact that Joe apparently doesn't know he's been in the "Stupid Party" for years, it's the fact that he's not mad at Akin because of his views, it's because Joe thinks Akin might make Republicans lose both the White House and the Senate and that would hurt the implementation of Akin's Agenda.

As he's now made somewhat clearer, Akin wasn't saying that he thought some Rapists were "Legitimate" - he was saying basically that Bytches Be Lyin' about being raped just so they can have an excuse to have an abortion.

AKIN: You know, Dr. Willke has just released a statement and part of his letter, I think he just stated it very clearly. He said, of course Akin never used the word legitimate to refer to the rapist, but to false claims like those made in Roe v. Wade and I think that simplifies it….. There isn’t any legitimate rapist…. [I was] making the point that there were people who use false claims, like those that basically created Roe v. Wade.
And that's just made Joe Scarborough Mad.. Mad. Mad.
On Monday, Scarborough said that Akin was evidence of a Republican party that had placed ideology ahead of actual electability and fitness to govern. On Tuesday, with Akin (thus far) refusing to get out of the race, Scarborough made it clear that, to his thinking, the mortally wounded Akin campaign could be spoiling the chances for Republicans to take the majority of seats in the Senate.

“Congressman Akin, you’re in denial,” said Scarborough as if he were addressing Akin, “You’re gonna lose if you stay in the race. And, by the way, your loss could make the difference between a Supreme Court justice that could make all the difference in the issues you claim you care about and having a Barack Obama fifth appointee for majority. So you think about that today when you do your little commercial. And think about destroying the Republican majority. Good on ya.”

Yeah, shut your Ugly Piehole Akin - you just might be gifting the Democrats with a Fresh New Congress, 2nd Term for President Obama and finally chip away at the Conservative Dominance of the Supreme Court.  You just might give away the whole ball game!

Yeah, be Smart - and just Cravenly Lie about what you really believe and what you would really do in office the way the Romney and Ryan do.

That's how you win Hearts and Minds.


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