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I know that everyone and their brother has blogged about the despicable Rep. Todd Akin.  I just want to bring up one other point that some others might have missed given the treasure trove of disgusting things that Akin said.  No, not so much what Akin said, but where Akin went to start his so called apology tour for his nauseating comments on rape and abortion:  Mike Huckabee's radio show.

Yes, the Huckleberry Hound is supposedly a big "prolifer," and it would normally make sense for Akin to hightail it to the prolifers to support his false apology tour.  But Huckleberry Hound also has blood on his hands for pushing through the early parole of a convicted rapist while Governor of Arkansas.

Ireally don't think the story of Huckabee's involvement in the early release of rapist turned serial killer Wayne Dumond has gotten the scrutiny it deserves from the lamestream media. For those of you who aren't up on this story, it boils down to this. Dumond raped a 17 year old girl who just happened to be a distant cousin to then Governor Bill Clinton.  The so called Christian Right believes that everything to do with Clinton is evil, so the victim, Ashley Stevens, is a lying little slut who brought false rape charges against Dumond.

Enter Mike Huckabee as Governor, and the pressure is on the parole board to fast track Dumond for early release - he had another 25 years to go. Letters are sent from Dumond's other victims pleading with Huckabee not to let Dumond out.  No dice.  Dumond is paroled, heads to Missouri (Akin's home state!), and precedes to rape and murder two women there.

Huckabee swears he never saw the letters, which is a big lie.  The Christian Right was a pleased as punch that Dumond was out, but I don't recall them really saying, "Oops!" after the two murders.  Dumond dies a few short years after he is recaptured and imprisoned for one of the two murders.

So I'm going to go out on a limb here and state that if Dumond had stayed in that Arkansas prison for his full term, he would have died behind bars.  And those two women Dumond raped and murdered, Shields and Andrsek, would be alive today.  I don't know about you, but I don't call that a prolife decision on Huckabee's part.  

No, I call it Mike Hucakbee's HEARTS a Rapist!  Especially a so called rapist that never touched a lying slut of a Clinton.  I think that Todd Akin, another Rapist Lover, knew this about Huckabee and eagerly ran to prostrate himself before High Rapist Paroler.

I think it is a little fact that we in the blogosphere should remind folks of during this election season.  For the GOP, rapists and fetuses get special treatment and consideration, but you lying sluts better watch yourself!

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