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     Wednesday, August 20, 2012, Paul Ryan told Josh Smith of Roanoke Virginia's WJHL-TV that "rape" is just one "method" of getting pregnant and therefore, Paul Ryan does not support abortion even if a woman is raped.  

JOSH SMITH: Abortion ... our viewers would like to know exactly where you stand ... specifically where you stand when it comes to rape and  when it comes to should it be legal for a woman to be able to get an abortion if she's been raped?

PAUL RYAN: “I’ve always adopted the idea, the position, that the method of conception doesn’t change the definition of life.”

    There you have it, in one sentence, Paul Ryan says, 'life begins at conception' and rape is just 'one method of getting pregnant.'

     Ryan goes on to lie and falsely claims that Romney has an exception for rape and incest.  Yet, Romney admitted he supports the Personhood Amendment which haphazardly denies science and ignorantly would legislate that life begins at conception and would outlaw all abortions under any and all circumstance.

     Ryan also admitted that he spoke with Rep Akin, but wants to keep the details of his call, secret.  Ryan did say that he agrees with Roy Blunt (remember the Blunt Amendment) in that Akin should step down for the "good of the conservative movement."

    TRANSLATION: The GOP's conservative movement platform:Lie to voters so you can get elected then shove through anti-women legislation.
    That's exactly what Paul Ryan is doing, he knows his position is extreme and the only way to get his extreme position legislated is to lie to the voters about his personal agenda, get elected Vice President of the United States and usher in his extreme 'conservative movement' agenda of denying women their right to medical privacy.  

      I am Catholic and I am of the opinion that, it is none of Paul Ryan's business if a women gets pregnant, it is none of Paul Ryan's business how a women gets pregnant, and it is none of Paul Ryan's business what a woman chooses to do with her own private medical information.

     Also, it is none of Paul Ryan's business if a poor woman, who is raped, gets pregnant and chooses to abort the 'demon-seed' uses Title X monies to do so.

     I look at it this way: I don't like my tax dollars going to invade countries for oil, or big oil subsidies or for tax cuts for multi-millionaires --- but too bad for me.  Similarly, it should be too bad for Paul Ryan.

     It is repugnant and disgusting to me that Paul Ryan says that rape is one method of getting pregnant.

     I wonder if Paul Ryan would say rape is just one method of getting his prostate checked if he were victim of rape?

    Here is the full video of the Paul Ryan interview:

       I have listened to extremists like Paul Ryan for decades chant "God says abortion is murder" yet, those same so-called Christians pray to a God who also aborts fetuses in the womb.  

       It is true, those same so-called Christians pray to a God and donate their money to a God who aborts fetuses in the womb.  

       Maybe Paul Ryan should explain why he prays to a God who aborts fetuses in the womb.

      People who are as extreme as Paul Ryan have no business writing our laws.

Originally posted to TeamSarah4Choice on Fri Aug 24, 2012 at 06:14 AM PDT.

Also republished by Abortion, Pro Choice, and Rape and Domestic Violence.

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