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Here on the SW coast of FLorida, we are watching the progress of TS/Hurricane Isaac as it approaches the Gulf, and sideswipes the Republican convention.  Bracing for the flood of Republican storm of ms. information as well, perhaps it's time for something refreshing...  

As we have been facing the onslaught of propaganda from the right for years, and as the mud is being funded and slung at fever pitch due to the floodgates of secretive donor cash opened by Citizen's United... a catchy tune, framed in volunteer solidarity and mutual respect, highlighting some of the current issues seems to be in order.

A song

Of the People, By the People, For ALL the people

 .....more after the omnipresent thingy.... .

Did you know that in the 2010 election, only 21% of students eligible to vote, did so?

Did you know that over 7 million single women are NOT REGISTERED to vote? and that
 over 13 million REGISTERED women do NOT vote?

I am sure there are many other statistics of other populations that are not voting on a regular basis, but as an educator and woman, these two matter the most to me.

If you have been following the Voter ID laws that have been introduced across the country, you know that, beyond the outright, blatant lies being fed to the American
 public, the agenda of the right is to SILENCE the VOICE of the PEOPLE by putting up barriers and roadblocks for voting.

Here in Florida, the race is on, fast and furious, to disenfranchise as many voters as possible...and to mis-inform as many as possible, as well. In my county, one has to be  
 registered to vote 29 days before the election, and even if you do register on the 30th day before the election, you may not get confirmation of your voting status for 8 weeks!

We will not be silenced!

We will not be led astray!

Elect Obama Now!

.....Follow the link to the song!

This is a song I have been working on for a few years, hoping to fill the void of anthems lacking, and to support the next critical months of the campaign.

I firmly believe in the power of each person to be able to make a difference each day, wherever s/he is ....

We can make sure our immediate and extended family and friends know how to register to vote, and how to vote early or via absentee ballot.  

We a respectful way... step outside the norms of ordinary social contact and be extra-ordinary by asking those we meet on a daily basis if they are registered to vote, or to check to be sure they ARE registered--have not been purged from the rolls.

We lead by example... as we volunteer--not only in our local campaigns, but also to help out others in our communities, via community gardens, helping in food banks, Habitat for Humanity, tutoring, etc. show a better way to live that is not based in greed, power, exclusion, hatred, and fear.

As we reach only takes ONE contact, conversation to make a difference.

The Lyrics to the song:

Of the people, by the people, for ALL the people...Elect Obama Now!
 Of the people, by the people, for ALL the people....Elect your Democrats Now!
 Only YOU can prevent a DyS-functional government,
 Of the people, by the people, for ALL the people, Elect Obama Now!

When they plan to end Medicare and Social Security, Elect Obama Now!
 When they subsidize oil industries, instead of clean green energy...Elect Obama Now!
 When lobbyists write the bills, and corporations own the hill,
 It's no joke, ya gotta register to vote, Elect your Democrats Now!

Don't forget to register to vote...Elect Obama Now!
 Occupy the voting booth, Elect your Democrats Now!

 When they fail to cut the deficit by funding war endlessly, Elect Obama Now!
 When tax cuts for the rich end up in jobs and profits overseas...Elect your Democrats Now!
When they deny women's rights, and sacrifice a woman's life...
 Check your facts, be smart, then act...Elect Obama Now!

Of our women, by our women, for all our women, Elect Obama Now!
 Of our women by our women for all our women, Elect your Democrats Now!
 Only you can prevent a NON-representative government...
Of our women, by our women, for all our women, Elect Obama Now!

Of the people, by the people, for ALL the people...Elect Obama Now!
 Of the people, by the people, for ALL the people....Elect your Democrats Now!
 It's up to us to create a government that will legislate
 Of the people, by the people, for ALL the people,

Elect Obama Now!  Elect your Democrats Now!

 Elect!  It's no joke!  
 Elect! Put down that remote!
 Elect! Ya gotta get out and vote!

Elect Obama Now!

Many thanks to my fellow vocalists, Sharon Lesley and Mindy Simmons for their collaboration in this work.

 Please feel free to use this widely.

If anyone would like a lyric/chord sheet, please send me a message.

Peace. Ahimsa!


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