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Last time I wrote about the hyperthyroid harpy of hate, I noted she unwittingly blurted out the truth about Sean Hannity during an emotional tirade.  Now she's done it in writing.  But this time she has really stepped in it up to her eyeballs.  She isn't just outing Sean Hannity's show.  She isn't just blowing the whistle on FOX as a party organ.  She is telling the Conservative Party of New York that Hannity has been punking them for over a decade.  Good, honest people who have dedicated decades of their lives to doing what they believe is right just learned they have been conned.  That's going to leave a mark.

This time Coulter got ahead of herself because she was so busy trying to shove Akin under the bus she overlooked the fact she was pulling the rug out from under Hannity at the same time when she summarily undercut one of Hannity's signature claims by writing:

Even Sean Hannity, the most true-blue Republican and defender of all conservatives, pleaded with Akin to withdraw. Still nothing.
The fact Hannity was pleading with Akin to withdraw is a little surprising.  But not as surprising as learning Hannity is the most true-blue Republican.  Anyone who has listened to Hannity's show over the years  -- and that would include Coulter, I presume -- knows his denial of that claim is central to his rhetoric.  Every time a guest tries to paint Hannity as merely a biased partisan shilling for the Republicans, he always throws his hands up in the air and makes a big point out of  strenuously denying the charge.  He's not a Republican, he claims with great umbrage.  He's a CONSERVATIVE.  

He usually leaves it at that, making it sound like he is somehow beyond political party labels.  But he isn't.  When he says that he isn't claiming to be a lower case "c" conservative.  He's a Conservative with a capital "C."  

The Conservative Party of New York calls him one of their own.  Very publicly. When Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long introduced Sean Hannity as the featured speaker at the 50th Anniversary Dinner for the Conservative Party of New York on June 14, 2012, he was quite clear about Sean Hannity and his Conservative Party credentials. Sean Hannity soaked in the applause and happily let them go on believing that.

Last time Coulter raised a lot of eyebrows while wailing about Romney's spokesman saying something that would drive yet another nail in the coffin of his quixotic quest for the presidency.   She blurted out:

I'm serious.  THERE IS NO POINT TO YOU DOING YOUR SHOW. There is no point to us going to a convention and pushing for this man if he is employing morons like this.
Admitting on air that Hannity's show was nothing but Republican propaganda was bad enough.  Never mind we have been saying this for years.  They have always denied it, claiming they were "Conservatives" who gave a "fair and balanced" approach to events.   Adding the line about the convention seemed like a total non sequitor.  Why would Hannity, a Conservative Party member go to a Republican convention and push for a Republican candidate?  That doesn't make any more sense than him pleading with a Republican to drop out of a race for the good of the Republican Party.  

Well, now we can thank Ann for clearing up that mystery.  As she wrote in her recent column, he is, and henceforth shall always be known as:

Sean Hannity, the most true-blue Republican and defender of all conservatives.
While this confirms what we have been saying for years, it will undoubtedly cause some serious heartburn at party headquarters -- for the Conservative Party of New York.   Listen to Michael Long's introduction starting around 4:15 in the clip.

For those who can't see the video, or skipped it, here is a transcript of what Chairman Michael Long said as he introduced Sean Hannity to a wildly enthusiastic audience of fellow Conservative Party members at their 50th Anniversary Dinner:

I could probably spend another fifteen minutes introducing our special guest here tonight. We are really honored on the 50th anniversary, when you really think about it.  We had William F. Buckley for our 40th. William F. Buckley, who ran for mayor.  [Buckley ran for mayor in 1965 as a Conservative Party candidate - ed.] Who knows, maybe this guy will really give thought to run for public office, although I am not sure about that. But more importantly, a gentleman who needs no introduction.  An individual on a day to day basis promotes the Conservative agenda from Monday to Friday on radio and TV nightly on FOX cable.  It's a special privilege for us to have him here tonight, on this 50th anniversary, IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT HE HAPPENS TO ALSO BE A REGISTERED CONSERVATIVE.  WHICH HE PROUDLY ENUNCIATES ON THE SHOW ON A REGULAR BASIS. And I also think about some of the guests he invites, and he invites a lot of liberals on his show.  THEY MUST CRINGE WHEN HE TELLS THEM "I'M A REGISTERED CONSERVATIVE. DON'T TAG ME WITH JUST BEING A REPUBLICAN.  I'M A CONSERVATIVE. And he's a great American who carries the battle for us on a daily basis.  It is with great pleasure I present to you our featured guest, Sean Hannity.
There you have it.  Big mouth Ann has, once again, torn away Sean's fig leaf and confirmed what we have been saying for the better part of a decade.  Sean Hannity is a Republican shill on a network that is the party organ of the Republican Party.    This is not going to sit well with all the rubes in the Conservative Party who stood and applauded their favorite son, comparing him to the likes of William F. Buckley.  Now they have to confront the fact that he's been conning them for years while picking their pockets.   In New York, of all places.

Whether you are liberal or conservative, communist or capitalist, saint or sinner, it doesn't matter.  No one likes to be played for a fool.  No one likes to find out they were just window dressing.  Ann Coulter has made it clear, Hannity is just a Republican in Conservative clothing.  No matter how you cut it, Ann's recent revelation makes it impossible for anyone in the Conservative Party to conclude otherwise.  I don't think New Yorkers will appreciate playing the role of sheep in this passion play.  I do know that playing New Yorkers for suckers does not end well if they catch you at it.

Coulter has nowhere to hide on this one.  It's not like she doesn't know the guy.  She's been on his show hundreds of times over the years.  It's not like she can claim she "misspoke" on this, either.  She put it in writing.  In a syndicated column.  That went out to hundreds of papers around the country.  On the eve of the Republican National Convention, no less.  

I don't often advocate people stop taking their meds.  But when I do, I'm thinking of you, Ann Coulter.  Stay crazy, my friend.  We can use the laugh.

8:01 AM PT: As noted in the comments, Ann's screed was previously diaried.  

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