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     The good folks at Baja Arizona Kossacks. Greetings and welcome to the 2012 BAK Primary liveblog. We've got some interesting races in the Grand Canyon State tonight. Will we put a Native American on the ballot in AZ-01 ? Who will come out of that mess in AZ-09 ? What about Ron Barber's coronation in AZ-02 ? We usually get the results here as fast as anybody else, sometimes faster. So check in, tell us what's on your mind, let's watch the returns.

Fiesta de San Augustín

      Today, August 28, is el Dia de San Augustín. Traditionally this was the day the Old Pueblo, that's Tucson for you out-of-staters, celebrated its birthday with a big Fiesta. In last Sunday's Open Thread I posted George O. Hand's diary entries for the Fiesta of 1875. It wasn't much of a feast, considering it was the Centennial of the founding of the Presidio. The next year the Fiesta lasted much longer than the usual 3 days. Here are Hand's entries for Aug.27 through Sept.10, 1876 :

Aug.27 (Sunday) - Attended the funeral of J. M. Flores. Was obliged to walk out to the cemetery and back - very warm. The St. Augustine feast started by the firing of a cannon in the military plaza. I took a walk out there in the evening and stayed on the feast ground for two hours. Came home and went to bed.
Aug.28 (San Augustine's Day) - The feast is running red hot, but it is very dull in town. Went to bed early.
Aug.29 - Dull in town. Some horse thieves were arrested today. I went to bed early.
Aug.30 - Nothing is happening in town - very dull. Everyone is out on the feast ground.
Aug.31 - Fine morning. Dull in town. Stage came - no letters, no arrivals. I went in company with Jim Douglass to see the performances on the feast ground. Saw a balloon start up. Came home and went to bed.
Sept.1 - Drunk.
Sept.2 - Drunk.
Sept.3 (Sunday) - Drunk.
Sept.4 - Drunk. Went to the feast. W. W. Williams won a wagon with no. 47. Joe Phy won a gun with no. 44.
Sept.5 - Very warm. The soldiers were paid and the town was full of them. Mail stage came - no letters for me. John Burt got tight. I went with him to the feast plaza, had supper and some drinks, then came home. The store of Borquez was broken into and some money taken.
Sept.6 - Fine cool morning. There were drunken fellows in the house all day. Bill Morgan and Riley Dunton had a fight in Leatherwood's corral - Morgan bit off a piece of Riley's ear. Tom Roddick arrived from the Yellow Jacket Mine. Bill Johnson, Jim Hart, and Casey came in from Camp Grant. I went to the feast, had several drinks, and went to bed.
Sept.7 - Got drunk early and kept so all day. Went to the feast ground with Jim Hart. Came home and went to bed.
Sept.8 - Sick. Went to bed.
Sept.9 - Fine day. Kept sober all day. Mail stage came - no letters for me. S. H. Ramsey was shot by a man named Brady at San Carlos. Puck Ryan came to town. I went to the feast plaza with Jim Caldwell at night, stayed an hour. Came home and went to bed.
Sept.10 (Sunday) - Fine morning. Very dull all day. Last night of the feast - I did not go. Went to bed after a bath.
Still Tempted to Check Out the Convention ?

                                   Is it just me, or does she look like a Klingon ?

Carmona's First TV Ad

          h/t to Blog for Arizona.


Hey, Phoenix

      When are you guys going to get organized ? There must be hundreds of Kossacks up there. You could have a huge group, with chapters all over the Valley. We could have statewide meet-ups, in Eloy. Well, maybe not.


      Tonight we're using the exciting Clusterblog™ technology. All BAK members can edit this diary as though they had written it themselves. Feel free to add observations, results, "Yays" or "Boos" as you see fit. If you use the "Update" button what you add will appear as a time-stamped update. Put your initials at the end so we'll know who posted it. I'll go first.

7:51 PM PT: Polls closed at 7, look for a big results dump at a little after 8 when all the early ballot results come up. Az

8:27 PM PT: 379 of 1667 precincts reporting. Early leaders: Flake, Kirkpatrick, Barber, Grijalva. The SoS's new website is slower than molasses.

8:33 PM PT: Sinema has the early lead in CD-9. Az

8:57 PM PT (passionateprotagonist): Hey Clusterbloggers...

Flake/Cardon is looking like a blowout with 69-20 for the Flake. Kirkpatrick is (sadly) doing the same to Benally Baldenegro, 67-32.   pp

8:58 PM PT (Dave in AZ): Nearly 20% reporting:

Flake is crushing Cardon 70-20%. guess we know why Cardon stopped wasting his money.

CD1 GOP: Payday Paton 60.1%,Dem: Kirkpatrick: 67.5%

CD2 GOP: McSally: 82.5%, DEM: Barber: 83.01%

CD3: GOP: SAUCEDO 62.3%. DEM: Raul: 65.6%

CD4: GOP: Gosar: 50.48%

CD5: GOP: Salmon: 55.24%


CD:7: Pastor, DEM

CD8: Franks, GOP

CD9: DEM: Sinema: 42.3, Schipira 30.54%, Cherny26.75% GOP: Some Dude:

9:01 PM PT: BREAKING: Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is an absolute moron and his new election returns website is a total piece of shit. It takes forever to load. It gives you the option of customizing your search, but will not actually let you do so. FAIL FAIL FAIL

9:22 PM PT (passionateprotagonist): Schweikert is beating Ben "Brock Landers" Quayle, 53-46. So long, Quayle.

The SOS website is truly horrible. Republican governance at its finest!

Voter turnout is 19.86%.  Above all, this frustrates me the most.

9:26 PM PT (Dave in AZ): BREAKING: SoS Bennett Tweets from Tampa: I'm too busy smoozing with the Kock brothers to give a rat's ass about this election. I want to be Gov after bat shit crazy Jan. One bat shit deserves another!

9:46 PM PT: (Azazello) Jarman at the FP liveblog reports that the AP has called CD-03 for Grijalva. So much for DooDoo Blase and her "Latina-led Movement."

9:47 PM PT (passionateprotagonist): Just tweeted by SOS Bennett: "I'm too busy fixing my Alfalfa hairdo, buying new bow ties, and planning my next sales tax for school children ballot measure appeal to worry about this silly election."  

10:21 PM PT: (Azazello) OK, I'm calling it a night. Looks like all the favorites got through, no upsets, Kirkpatrick, Barber, Grijalva, Sinema. The really good news ? Bye-bye Lori, bye-bye RuSSell. The AZ SoS website is completely worthles, just like the AZ SoS himself. You're better off with azcentral. They'd better get that  website fixed before November, or, or, I don't know what.

Good night all, thanks for showing up.

Peace out.

Originally posted to Baja Arizona Kossacks on Tue Aug 28, 2012 at 07:38 PM PDT.

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