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As the current Diaries on the subject are either off the list or have not yet updated, here is the actual video of CNN acknowledging what everyone else is hopefully already aware of--the incident of two unidentified RNC "attendees," possibly Delegates (we don't know because CNN won't tell us) throwing peanuts at a black CNN cameraperson and telling her "This is how we feed animals."

Apparently CNN finally came to its senses and has decided to do some actual reporting as opposed to stenography.  Although in this case, stenography would probably have been just as good, since CNN's message appears to be "how awful, now let's move on."

Video is below the orange rooster-beak pop art. The date of the video is wrong for some reason, and you have to sit through a Kellogg's commercial, but at least it's there.

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Blitzer provides a new fact, noting the racial epithets were "shouted" at the female CNN camera operator.  

Blitzer takes pains to place blame solely on the individuals responsible, and stresses we should all "move on," presumably to the anticipated contents of Romney's speech, where the Republican nominee is expected to rely (as his campaign has relied) on race-baiting lies carefully designed to energize everyone else who hasn't been removed from the Convention floor.

If you want to keep people like these out of power, you can donate to President Obama's re-election campaign here.

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