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Robert Schlesinger, managing editor at U.S. News and World Report, went ahead and done did it. He put the word "lie" and "Paul Ryan" in his headline describing last night's lie-fiesta at the RNC Convention. Here's the headline:

Paul Ryan Repeats Auto Bailout, Medicare Lies
The article, though short, packs a nice punch. Schlesinger has already attacked the veracity of the Romney/Ryan campaign this election season, but this adds to the pile-on that threatens to engulf the vice-presidential nominee and his limited partner, Mitt Romney. Here's part of what Schlesinger had to say:
TAMPA—In his acceptance speech Wednesday night, as he denounced the usual politics of divisiveness, GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan repeated a hoary and deceiving tale about a shuttered factory in his home town of Janesville, Wisconsin. He also repeated now standard GOP Medicare half truths.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are apparently attempting to prove the old saw that a lie repeated often enough becomes truth. Also, they're relying on the other old saw that a lie will work its way around the world before truth can put its shoes on. In addition, they rely on a cohort of individuals who will spread their lies -- even going so far as to make up new lies to support the old Romney/Ryan ones. Here's a screengrab from the comment section of that same USNWR article:


It is easy to lie. It is easy to make shit up. It's much harder to locate the truth, understand it, and then copy and paste it to your brain, or at least the comment section of a website. Luckily, in the above screengrab, we see a couple of Democrats willing to put forth the extra effort that is required in telling the truth. Now before we get to some fun, I wanted to say that, in all seriousness, there hasn't been anyone this close to the Presidency who has lied so often and so brazenly -- or so frequently after the lie has been exposed -- since Richard Nixon. Next on my wish-list is for a reporter or editorialist to link Mitt Romney and Richard Nixon in a headline. This has become that pathological. Now the fun:









UPDATE:  Hat tip to Laura G, who magically granted one of my wishes by pointing out in a comment that Esquire online had come out with the "Nixon" headline! (I now wish for World Peace and an End to World Hunger; let's see whatcha got, Laura G!). Here's a screengrab of the headline that had to be sized-down to fit here:


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