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because they can't bring themselves to understand and admit who President Barack Obama actually is.  It's beyond their imagination, that he is - who he really is.  They can't fathom it.  It. don't. not. compute.

So it only makes sense that Clint Eastwood, renown Hollywood Republican, would have to completely make up a conversation with the President that plays directly into the stereotypes that even the non-racist, "enlightened" members of the GOP still harbor deep in their hearts.

During this entire campaign, and even going back to the Birth of the Tea Party Nation in 2010, they haven't heard or seen Barack Obama...

They've been answering, responding and arguing with the Fantasy Voices In Their Own Head!

This is how Obama can simultaneously be a Muslim, Radical Black Nationalist Christian, Kenyan, Indonesian, Communist, Socialist, Terrorist-Simpathiser, Incompetent Know-Nothing Affirmative Action Harvard Law Review Editor and Egghead Law Professor All At The Same Time.

It doesn't matter to them who and what he truly is - all that matters is what they believe he is.

All that matters is there own Empty Chair Projection of him.

It's not an accident that they think he would say "Go Fuck Yourself" to Romney, because that's exactly what Dick Cheney said to Pat Leahy on the Senate Floor.

On the Senate floor for a photo session in 2004, Dick Cheney had a run-in with Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.). After the two argued over Cheney's ties to Halliburton and President Bush's judicial nominees, the then-vice president told the senator "f--k yourself."
Which isn't all that different from when a Romney Spokesman told the Press to "Kiss My Ass".

Gorka went off after the media peppered Romney with questions about gaffes on the trip. His complete response to reporter: “Kiss my ass, this is a holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”
When left to their own devices, this is how they behave. So naturally they believe this is how the President behaves too. (Well, ok, maybe Rahm Emmanuel does - but not Obama.)

This projection is how they can go around accusing the President of "Failure", when they were the Party that handed the keys to our economy to a pack of Wall Streeters drunk with their own infallibility who then took it on a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, smashed into a telephone pole, through a wall and over the embankment into a giant Recession ditch the likes of which we haven't seen since the last time a "Businessman" was President. That President was Herbert Hoover.

President Obama has done a lot, more than frankly many of us could have honestly expected, he's created more jobs in 3 years than George W. Bush created in his entire 8 year Presidency, he's passed landmark health reform, invested massively in clean and renewable energy, begun to reign in Wall Street excess - but the fact is he still isn't finished cleaning up the mess Republicans made yet.

If you want to talk about the erosion of American Dreams, the collapsing of the Middle class, falling wages, slow job growth, and weakening of American Stature around the world, the sad truth is that REPUBLICANS BUILT THAT.

And they can't answer for it.  They can't debate honestly about it.  They have to unload a cargo plane full of lies onto the America people and hope that red meat fires up their base while the DOJ and Federal Courts stand down and let their voter suppression tactics rob everyone else of their electoral voice.

They claim to Believe in America, yet they don't seem to believe in Americans.  They don't believe Americans should be able to choose Medicare if they want it.  They don't beleive Americans should be able to keep their health care if they have temerity to get sick. They don't believe they should be able to control their own reproductive health. They don't believe they should be able to drink clean water, and eat safe food, or have good schools that are open and available for anyone regardless of income, race, gender, orientation or religion.

All that can do is yammer illogically at the incoherent voices in their own head, Lie, Cheat and try to Steal the Vote.

Eastwood's performance Last Night was a clear open window into the dark mendancity inside their souls.  They Hate their fellow Americans, and they'll destroy the Nation purely out of spite just to hurt anyone that doesn't look and think like them if they get control of it again.


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