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Still laughing at Clint Eastwood, who tried so so hard to hate on the president but gave us instead a moment I will treasure for the rest of my life. What a way to screw up a perfectly good Wikipedia page!

As for the email haters, they were apparently too crushed by their convention debacle and nominee to venture much spittle. Call this the calm before the storm. Or at least I hope it is, because if it isn't, this will be a dreary feature for the next two months. Luckily, some old-timers picked up the slack!

Unions are using vets to save themselves!!!

I'm in USPS and the only time the union waves the flag for the vets is for their benefit. Who gets fired first. A vet or a union officer with SUPER SENIORITY? Who gets Veterans day off ? Senior USPS employees. Regardless of your seniority , the vets should have this day off. I'm a vet and I was forced to work this holiday every time for my first 10 years so senior non vets could have off ! Read the rights argument on the USPS future and past mismanagement and waste. I'm a conservative republican,because I have values much more important than the USPS.

Ah, you screwed up. You're not supposed to work for a commie government outfit. You're supposed to work in the private sector where as the new guy, they'll totally make sure you get every proper day off! Just ask these guys.
Why I was banned.

Yesterday a person said this to me.
Now you know why you were banned from the Daily Kos.  They had to shut you up or tell the
truth about their connection to the "New Party".
You knew about the "New Party".
You could wreck the deal.
You are a sorry lot of losers

I'm nailed! All those times I told you guys that I was connected to the "Old Party"? Total bullshit.

How are Americas favorite, worthless liberal bedwetters? You clowns make Joe Biden look like Stephen Hawking!?! Your God Particle is going down in flames and the rest of you liberal buffoons are just pissing in the wind. Barnum and Bailey have nothing on you clowns. Keep up the good work losers.........

Remember those people in the middle of Iowa who wrapped their houses in seran wrap to protect against terrorist terror attacks? Yeah, those bedwetters weren't liberals.
Responses by readers

This is my first attempt to interact with you website. I was shocked to see the only postings were angry, mini-minded entries that have no value. What is the purpose of this section if it helps no one understand the problems this country faces? Revisiting is not worth my time nor would it seem, to any THINKING person.

This site isn't built for Robot-Americans. You people can better "interact" with this "section":
Clickwrap Terms of Use

You did not disclose your terms of use including the (apparent) fact that you refuse to delete accounts once created. Clickwraps and non-disclose of terms are non-binding contracts on end users. I did not agree to create a permanent account. Significantly the display of any information I've entered by Daily Kos violates this state's constitution and various tort laws when displayed with the consent of the user. Again, kindly delete my account.

Oops. Sorry, you didn't use the proper syntax.

I've got new George Rockwell news! (Pause for applause and cheering.) When we last left our Nazi penpal, we were arguing about what would happen if the DNA test I talked him into getting proved that he wasn't Jewish.

i am not a jew and i don't need charity. but just to shut you up i'll take the stupid test. i  will have to find a company that is not so obviously jew-operated, of course. however, if it turns out that there is no jew blood in me, then i'll send you the bill. in fact, if i am zero percent jew, i also also want a legally binding apology.
When I pressed him on what the heck he was talking about with his "legally binding apology", he responded:
you implied i was a jew, which is legally the same thing. and yes, physically it's possible to call someone a jew even if they're not. what i'm looking for is a "preliminary injuction" which basically would prevent any future attempts to call me a jew.
After I told him that a preliminary injunction didn't mean what he thought it would mean (it's just a stay by a court pending final resolution of the case, and not something that would prevent future attempts of anything), he got all defiant calling me stupid and whatnot. So while I begged him not to waste his money, we finally agreed to let his lawyer once again tell him he's wrong.
From: Markos
To: George Rockwell

I guarantee you -- "preliminary injunction" does not mean what you think it means. Do you need to pay your lawyer another $300 to be proven wrong again? Take my word for it and save your money, or waste your money on a lawyer to confirm what I've told you. You know, I haven't been wrong about a single thing yet.

Two weeks passed. Then he came back again this week:
From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

all right, markos, i had a talk with my lawyer and the result is basically that no one won. yes, you were right on the technical aspects of our argument, but when i explained who you were, it became clear that my lawyer knows you by reputation and doesn't think very highly of you. so the technical victory goes to you but the moral victory goes to me. so we're tied. a little disappointing, but you take what you can get.

From: Markos
To: George Rockwell

So I was right, but because your lawyer doesn't like me, I wasn't right?

That's not how it works. If I was right, then I was right.

And it looks like I was right. Again.

Told you not to waste your money.

From: George Rockwell
To: Markos

i never said you weren't right, markos. stop putting words in my mouth. the point was that since my lawyer was the person with the power to settle our argument, then his opinion of you is also relevant. think of it this way: my lawyer is the referee and he gave you the better technical marks but i got the better marks for presentation. do you understand? basically neither one of us won. i wish you could stop being so petty, markos.

And ... scene. We're still waiting on those DNA results.

This week's hate mail is

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