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Are we better-off than we were four years ago?


Child please you done lost your last freakin’ mind even asking that question!!!

In the Fall of 2008, Bush was running around—“ahhh, ahhhh, America’s going bankrupt.“ Ben Bernake was sweating like he just ran a marathon, McCain yelling “incoming, incoming, git off my lawn” – OBL making videos  while Americans were dodging bullets in Iraq.

America was the laughing stock of the world with shoes being thrown at the president.  Stock market crashing, banks failing while Paul Ryan was borrowing the money from China that he’s railing about now.

And then, in steps the hated Kenya, Communist, Socialist, Muslim and look at what he’s done in four years…people:

1.    Saved the banks
2.    Brought the stock market from 6,500K to 13,000K
3.    Saved GM
4.    Repealed DADT
5.    Ordered a Mini Dream Act
6.    Created 4.3 million jobs
7.    27- straight months of private-sector job growth
8.    Passed Healthcare
9.    Ended the war in Iraq
10.    Drawing down from Afghanistan
11.    Doubled the Number of  Border Security Agents
12.    Appointed First Hispanic Justice
13.    Restored America’s Standing in the world
14.    Dealt effectively with the BP Oil Spill
15.    Dealt effectively with the Pirate Crisis
16.    Dealt effectively with H1N1
17.    Kept America Safe
18.    Passed Financial Reform
19.    Passed a Credit-Card Bill of Rights
20.    Passed Equal Pay for Women
21.    Nearly Wiped out Al Qaeda
22.    Killed OBL
23.    Added Eight-yeas of solvency to Medicare
24.    Quit smoking
25.    And got a dog

All of this was done with a republican opposition to every single thing he tried to do.
So yes, not only are we better off now, we’ll be even better four years from now with Obama’s leadership!!!

They don't think we're better off than four years ago?

Child please...

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