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Yup folks, the MSM has received their marching orders from their bosses, who by the way happen to be fully Republican or Republican-leaning - as in Rove, Koch Brothers, Oil companies, Corporations, etc.

And now that the Republican Convention is over, there has been little or no bounce for Mitt Romney, whose speech was cited by right-leaning Gallup as being among the lowest rated convention speeches by a candidate in recent decades.

Romney's acceptance address received a weak grade relative to previous convention speeches.  According to Gallup, only 38 percent of adults rated the Republican nominee's speech either good or excellent — the lowest rating given to such an address dating back to Bob Dole's speech at the 1996 Republican National Convention.

So be prepared to see an onslaught of negative spin, focus on controversies, gaffes, protests, who-is-upstaging-who type questioning, and diminishing of otherwise excellent speeches into foolish soundbites or side irrelevancies, etc.  Be warned folks. The media is prepared to go negative.

Here are a few examples of what we can expect to see from the MSM all week long.

1. Create a false meme and run with it. This week it's the "Are you better off than 4 years ago" question. The MSM baited Dem Gov Martin O'Malley into giving a wrong response, and then jumped triumphantly, along with the GOP into pushing this narrative all of yesterday and today.

The truth is, if anyone honestly answers this question, Romney doesn't stand a chance. Yet the MSM/GOP would have you believe that gaining 50-200K private sector jobs a months is WORSE than losing 750K jobs a month; or that GM motors & Chrysler being alive and thriving is WORSE than the auto industry going bankrupt; or that Osama Bin Laden being dead is WORSE than him being alive and a continued major threat to our national security; or that the Dow Average now at is WORSE than it was at 7949 when Obama took office; or that having millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, young people under age 27 who now have health insurance is WORSE than these people not having access to health insurance, or that DADT being repealed is WORSE than DADT being still law of the land...  I could go on and on, but you get my point...

2. Focus on outside irrelevancies, gaffes, goofs, protests etc. For example, ABC News is all about "drunk DNC delegates" but I'm having difficulty finding similar reports from ABC on the drunk RNC politicians who visited the strip clubs while a Republican voting state LA was under seige by Hurricane Isaac, or the Romney party on the Cayman Islands Yacht.

3. Put a negative slant on preparations for convention. NPR came out with an article weighted heavily towards negative reporting, with a strong emphasis on protests, potential loss of business, security nightmares, etc. Even their headline suggested that the convention was analogous to a category 2 hurricane..."Charlotte BRACES for Democratic National Convention."

In contrast, one of their headlines for the RNC convention: "Republicans are Ready (if Isaac allows) and We're on the Scene in Tampa."

And there was another fawning article titled "Despite Delay, Republican Stage Is Set In Tampa," basically trying to stoke up all kinds of excitement about the convention;
While protests are mentioned, they are mostly downplayed in favor of a more upbeat theme. Notice the focus on the physical stage and arena for the RNC, designed to generate excitement, in contrast to the backdrop of a skyline on a partly cloudy day in Charlotte, designed to generate feelings of doom and gloom.

4. The MSM will learn how to fact-check. Every and any utterance will be thoroughly parsed, over-analysed, and graded, but most of all, our President's acceptance speech will be compared to his speech in 2008, with the MSM declaring early on that it's not nearly as inspiring, or effective, or magical, or exciting as 2008, and therefore, he's not deserving of a convention bounce. Indeed, they've already begun setting up this narrative. MSM overplays the "enthusiasm gap" meme with Obama who draws 13,000 crowds, but squeals in delight at Romney's "huge" crowds of 3,000 (many of whom have to be bused in).

5. The MSM will try to rehash old 2008 DEM primary fights between President Obama and the Clintons. They will attempt to stir up competition between Bill Clinton and President Obama by suggesting that Clinton will upstage Obama (just as they tried to do in 2008).


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