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MSNBC scored a first by beating out its rivals to become the most-watched cable news network on Tuesday, the first night of the Democratic Convention.

MSNBC averaged 3.298 million viewers to CNN's 3.003 million and Fox News' 2.515 million.

MSNBC was the #1 cable news channel last night in primetime. We’re checking records, but it may be the first time in the network’s 16 years of existence it has ever won a night.*
For the 10 o'clock hour alone, MSNBC came in second behind NBC.
•10pm, Sept. 4, 2012. Night one of the DNC:

NBC: 5,021,551 viewers (1,929,345 in A25-54)
MSNBC: 4,106,622 viewers (1,431,929 in A25-54)
CNN: 3,887,789 viewers (1,367,998 in A25-54)
ABC: 3,236,553 viewers (1,142,927 in A25-54)
CBS: 3,268,520 viewers (1,056,844 in A25-54)
FNC: 2,397,710 viewers (550,149 in 25-54)

Congratulations to Rachel, Chris, Lawrence, Ed and the rest for a job well done!

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