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In what can only be called a massively stupid move on the part of the DNC, they backed down from properly removing all references to God from the DNC platform.  For f-ck's sake:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A rare unscripted moment at the Democratic National Convention here Wednesday resulted in an embarrassing moment for the party that is certain to be used in Republican television ads over the next two months.

After they took heat for omitting any reference to "God" in their platform, and for eliminating language from the 2008 platform that identified Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Democrats tried to add the language back into their party platform with a voice vote.


Furthermore, in reinstating the god language (as well as referring to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, another bone-headed move), a voice vote was taken three times, with each voice vote having the nays outshout the yeas.  However,

Even though the no's were again as loud if not louder than the aye's on the third vote, Villagairosa said he had determined that two thirds of those present had voted in favor. Boos filled the arena in response.
Jesus crank dancing christ on a cracker!  We just came off one of the most amazing opening nights in DNC history, and these clowns went and gave cannon fodder to the Rs, once again letting them look like they have the higher ground, and we are just weaklings, giving in because of a little criticism.

I'm sorry, but I am totally pissed off!  I don't want religion in my politics or politics in my religion.  If I'm overreacting, I'd love to hear why.

For the love of Mike, what the hell is wrong with these people?

UPDATE:  ZOINKS!  Didn't expect this to be on the rec list.  It just frustrates the hell out of me when they do boneheaded things like this.  Perhaps they thought no one would notice, and now we have HuffPo screaming the headline The Pushover Party.  The Dems have had an image problem for years, and this doesn't help them any and just gives the opposition red meat to work with.  Thanks for everyone's input.  Carry on.

UPDATE #2- I've been reading through the comments and a) I am grateful that people are being respectful even if they disagree, and b) it is prompting me to further comment.  The initial kerfuffle over the "removal of God" from the DNC platform was first brought up, IIRC, by the RNC and/or Reince Priebus.  This in and of itself should have given the DNC pause.  As one commenter pointed out, no matter what is said or done at the convention or afterwards, the Rs are going to get their panties in a wad.  By responding to their little hissy fit and changing what was an approved platform, the DNC gives credence to their complaints, and it makes the DNC, and by extension all Dems, appear reactionary instead of proactive.  Furthermore, and again this is just my opinion, the additional language about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, which if you will recall Romney was raked over the coals for stating the same position, just makes us look like we're pandering to AIPAC.  Granted, we Dems are not perfect, and we and our representatives fuck up from time to time.  But, really, do we need to make a conscientious effort to help the opposition in their incessant political masturbatory dream to make us look foolish?  Just askin'.

UPDATE #3 - I just finished watching President Clinton's speech, and I've forgotten what I'm POed  about.  So, for those of you who told me to chill out and "fagetahboutit," I'm there.  But, before I go, a message to the DNC:  your speakers are doing brilliantly, so STFU!

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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