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They let the Big Dog out and they can't run with the Big Dog - Woof !
Hella speech - one of the best speeches I have ever heard ! Wow !

Please follow me below the squiggle

TPM tells us :

Out of the Park

“This convention is done. This will be the moment that probably re-elected Barack Obama.” – Top Republican strategist and CNN yacker Alex Castellanos just after Clinton’s speech.

This was the most passionate and emotional speech that I have ever seen Bill Clinton give. He poured his heart out ! He was a great, great President - and he really came through for our side ! Thank you President Clinton ! And it was 8 years of peace and prosperity !

He was able to combine facts and policy in a passionate speech in a way that connects and makes sense to voters - like nobody else. In that type of speech, he is in a class by himself.

He said that the republicans left a total mess, blamed the President for not cleaning it up quickly enough, and now want to be in charge again.
First off, he gave the best answer I have yet heard to the , "Are you better off " ignorant, wrongheaded question. He said that in the months before President Obama took office, we lost 9 % of our GDP and we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. Now, we have gained jobs for 29 straight months. So, the answer is yes, we are better off.

He said that the economy that President Obama inherited was much worse than the one he inherited and that nobody, not he himself nor his predecessors, could have fixed that mess in 4 years.

He pointed out that the republican record on job creation since 1961 is 24 million, compared to 42 million for our side. And that the national debt issue is similar.

He exposed the welfare lie - pointing out that (1) the republican governors requested it (2) they had to provide a credible plan to show that they would increase the movement of people from welfare to work and (3) if they did not achieve that increase, then they could not keep their plan.

He exposed the Medicare lie - he pointed out that it (1) was not cuts to benefits but rather to providers which did not improve patient outcomes (2) lengthened the life of Medicare from 2016 to 2024 (think about that - 2016 is not far away) and (3) this is the first time in 50 years that the rate of increase of health care costs has been less than 4 % in two consecutive years.

An incredible speech.


I am tired of people crapping on Elizabeth Warren - she may not be the best speaker in the world, but she did a great job - she is doing a good job with her campaign, this is her first campaign, and with the President's coattails, she is going to win. This will be her most competitive race. After that, the seat is hers.


I tutored one of my Calculus students tonight. I will call him John Doe. He is in high school
His dad served in the military. John is a great student, a basketball player, extremely responsible, and polite. He is African American. He supports the President. I thought to myself, "What message would we be sending him, if President Obama is not reelected ? "
Think about it : As President Clinton said, nobody could have fully repaired the economy in four short years. President Obama has done a wonderful job in saving our economy. He saves our economy from the brink of a second great depression, saves the American automobile industry, catches Bin Laden, and passes near universal health care for all Americans, and still is not reelected ? What conclusion would he draw from this ?


Let us recall that President Obama had the opportunity to do exactly what willard chose to do: make money on Wall Street. Due to his character, he chose to serve the country instead.

8:18 AM PT: ADP: 200 K jobs, hopefully BLS will show 125K or better.
Dow up 200, S and P way up on Euro buy bond plan

If we get good jobs reports the next couple of months and work as hard as we can, it is very hard to imagine how we lose. But I want to do more than winning the Presidency  !

We need to retake the US House. Pelosi has convinced me with her numbers that this is very possible. We need to retain the US Senate - we need Tammy Baldwin to win her race and Elizabeth Warren to win hers. The latter should win due to the coattails. Both would be tremendous Senators for us.
We need to win state legislatures and governorships. No more of the right's attempts to suppress the vote, no more of their attacks on women and unions. This cannot stand !
A while back, National Journal wrote about the numbers willard needs. A GOP strategist suggested that this is probably the last time they will have a candidate attempt to win the Presidency based upon the white vote alone. Let's thump them and make damn sure that is the case.
They will find that tokenism is not going to win minority votes, just as women vote based upon issues - not the gender of the candidate.
It is wise for us to be inclusive. This is because, as Bill Clinton pointed out, we restrict our potential growth if we do not. More diversity means more ideas from more vantage points. And the best idea at the marketplace will eventually win out. We can pull the best ideas from all our traditions and cultures. That will make us great ! So, even if one has no morals or ethics at all, inclusiveness is the only path forward.
But Hispanics rightly expect, deserve, and demand a comprehensive immigration reform plan, specifically The Dream Act, to become law !
And they will largely vote based upon a party's and a candidate's stance and actions regarding The Dream Act. It is the right thing to do !
Republicans will not win a large enough share of the Hispanic vote to win a Presidential election without supporting The Dream Act or something close to it and abandon their xenophobic support of the racist AZ law, their xenophobic support of English as the official language of the US, their xenophobic proposal to build walls and place guards with guns at the wall, their heartless attempts to separate children from parents, and their hateful attempt to make life so unbearable for undocumented workers that they must leave.
They are so ideologically extreme that I doubt that they will change. They will become a party that cannot win national elections - probably by 2024.

I also want to punish them for putting up a 1 percenter, a heartless vulture capitalist, who is running for pure self-interest in order to lower his own tax rate to virtually zero. I want to run Bain ads well after the election.

We need a mandate and by God we intend to get it !

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