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As you know, the DNC put on one of the best political conventions of all time by most fair-minded observers.  However, Politico has gone completely crazier than a sprayed roach with a sustained volume, repetitiveness and passion that is quite remarkable.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Last night, I moseyed on over to their front page and I found 17 stories that slams all-things democrat on their front page...people!!!  So I listed just the titles of each article with my snark in parenthesis to prove my point.

1. Obama fell flat (What? Where’s the “some say” or the trusty ole question mark?????)

2. Tampa mayor: Crist an 'opportunist' ( I guest Artur Davis is a hero)

3. Reality bites: Jobs report kills DNC buzz (I still have my buzz)

4. Rush: Obama channeled Carter (Can we find a quote from Vann Jones)

5. Obama draws fewer viewers than '08 ( he sure did by 3+ million but he drew 6-million more than Romney—report people report)

6. Mitt: Speeches aren't laundry lists (Huh, frogs ain’t cars –more crap)

7. Downsizing the dream (Make up your mind, we either had a DNC buzz or were “downsized” but not both

8. Analysts say Obama came up short (How did you evolve from this to “Obama fell short”? I guess this version didn’t get enough tea party hits)

9. Many are saying he gave a dispassionate speech. ( Many of the Politico Editorial Board that just fired their only black reporter??)

10. TV pundits split on Obama speech ( How many times is too many to write the same story?)

11. Celebs spotted at the DNC ( Oh noes, did someone arrest them?)

12. Report: Secret Service investigating DNC delegate (Why? Did she threaten to kill Akin like Karl Rove did or just throw peanuts on some black people?)

13. What Obama said vs. what he meant  (It truly takes talent for Politico to peer in someone’s brain and see their heart.  Listen, as you’re reading this, I know what you’re wearing, thinking and how you really feel—even if you don’t utter a word because I got skills baby.)

14. Sidelined: TARP, stimulus, climate (Um, Clinton talked about Biden’s management of the Stimulus and Obama addressed climate change himself. Why talk about Bush’s TARP program at a DNC convention?  That’s politically stupid!)

15. What was missing in Obama's speech (dancing girls with USA pom-poms)

16. Obama all but ignores 'Obamacare' (Wow…for three full days, nearly every speech dealt with Obamacare—did you really want Obama to repeat everything they said? Wow?)

17. Plouffe not expecting bounce (This one is my favorite because while Plouffe is not expecting one, Gallup already found one!!)

And guess who didn’t yet report that bounce which was posted on nearly every political site by 2:00pm yesterday?

You got it!!!



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