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Hollee Crap Dingle. I shit you NOT.

In reference to how Romney would deal with those with preexisting conditions and young adults who want to remain on their parents’ plans, a Romney aide responded that there had been no change in Romney’s position and that “in a competitive environment, the marketplace will make available plans that include coverage for what there is demand for. He was not proposing a federal mandate to require insurance plans to offer those particular features.”
The "Marketplace will make available" that which there is "demand for"?  Exactly when the Frack has that ever happened in the Insurance Market?

Just 6 hours after his Meet the Press Interview, where he claimed he would "Keep the Good Parts of ObamaCare" - GOP Presidential Nominee has managed to pull a Double Arabian Somersault to now argue what he said is not what he said.

Wow.  I have no words. Truly.

Since I have no further words to describe what the Romney Campaign has just done, let me instead use pictures.   Or rather Video.

In school, I was a Gymnast.  In 1978 I won First Place All Around in the LAUSD Sophmore Invitational.  I still have the plaque.

When people say "Flip-Flop" they don't understand that in real terms - that has a meaning.  It's a specific move, which is otherwise called a back-hand spring.  Also in this example the girl does a standing back-flip, which was always one of my specialties.

Whether with a flip-flop or with a full back-flip - as shown - you end pretty much where you started, so from my perspective I always found the term "Flip-Flop" for a politician changing positions - Apocryphal.

Someone who actually does a Flip-Flip goes through a lot of motion, but ultimately ends where they began.  You can actually end in the exact same spot if your doing a "Gainer".

With an Arabian, you begin with what would be a backward somersault and then do a half-twist in the air so that you land facing the opposite direction from where you took off.  As shown here.

 A Double-Arabian, as shown here is really literally to Double-Down on that idea.  Not only are you doing a somersault and landing facing 180 degrees from where you took off.. you double it and somersault twice as shown here.

Here's another version with a closer view.  This shit is NO JOKE, and not for the untrained.

So Romney isn't "Flip-Flopping" IMO - what he did is what you see in this video IMO - a Double-Freaking-Arabian, which trust me, is a SHIT LOAD more difficult to do than a flip-flip. I was doing those when I was 9. I was doing full-twisting back somersaults when I was 10. Those are easy.  A Double Arabian is Serious Shit.

I don't think he can stick the landing.

The only question is how the judges will score him, I'm not optimistic.


P.S the Term "Arabian" has nothing to do with Islam, it's just a identifying moniker for the move, just like the Tsukahara has nothing to do with Japan, other than the fact that the guy who invented it  - was from Japan.

7:24 PM PT: OH. JESUS. FUCK. now he's going for a Rudolph. (1 1/2 Twisting Somersault)

Video of a guy on a trampoline doing a Rudolph, followed by Double-Twisting Back Somersault.

I've seen people do Double Rudolph's in the Olympics and it's Blown My Mind.  Romney? Now, The same.

"Gov. Romney will ensure that discrimination against individuals with pre-existing conditions who maintain continuous coverage is prohibited," the aide said.

The statement stands in contrast to a report in National Review Online earlier Sunday, which quoted an anonymous aide saying Romney would allow "the martketplace" to sort out coverage for such people.

Face Palm with tears in my eyes. I can't TAKE IT - I just Can't.
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