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We have a group in Virginia called The Brigades.  It consists of the core group of volunteers who participated 6 years ago in the insurgent campaign that brought Jim Webb to the Senate.  The group still meets monthly, and maintains a list serv to help continue organization.

I thought i would share part of an email that just came out:

This Saturday and Sunday, more than 1800 Obama volunteers canvassed well over a quarter of a million voters, just in Virginia. That is your real convention bounce! Karl Rove and his secret money attack ads can kiss my grits.
There are some things that money cannot buy.  That is loyalty. That is personal commitment.  At least in Virginia, it is still on the ground for Obama.

Take it for what it is worth.

And oh by the way, Nate Silver as of earlier this morning had the Old Dominion as 77% likely to go for Obama.  Add in the three states that are even more likely -  NH, NV and WI - and the presidential election is done.

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