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(Good God, this was the worst formatting I've done on a diary here since 2006.  Sincere thanks to all who wrote in to complain about the typo and the repetition. My bad, my very bad due to cross-posting sloppiness and a truly miserable typo.)

A new poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan indicates that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is more vulnerable to her Democratic challenger than previously believed.

The polling firm surveyed about registered likely voters in the Sixth Congressional district of Minnesota from August 29 to August 30.  The results indicate only forty per cent of the voters in Bachmann's politically conservative district rate her performance "Excellent/Good." Thirty-five per cent of those polled rate Bachmann's performance "Poor."

Asked who they would vote for if the election were held today, forty-eight per cent of those polled indicated that they would vote for incumbent Bachmann and forty-six per cent indicates they would vote for her opponent Jim Graves, a newcomer to politics.

Hmm... this may explain her "quietude" since the RNC. Bachmann's people are also taking the temperature of the voters in the district. Perhaps those GOP internal results--are keeping a lid on Michele's mouth this last week...

Here's the thing. She's in a little bind. She needs the money, and polls and news stories that show Michele in any kind of real or imagined plight are worth a million to her (she fundraises off them, the national bucks just roll in when she cites "they're out to get Michele!" news.)

But the other way she amps up the fund-raising is by: saying something hateful and/or false in the national media. So she has a dilemma.

This year the media began to come down hard on Paul Ryan for making patently false claims in his veep acceptance speech at the RNC. (That's the Bachmann tradition, making patently false and even paranoid claims as a matter of political strategy.)

What is Bachmann to do, in the wake of a media that actually dared to point out Ryan is a "liar" after they caught him lying?

Bachmann's not used to operating in that kind of media climate, certainly not here in Minnesota.

That's the problem. Being quiet, costs her contributions from around the country. Shooting off another paranoid apocalyptic lie--will bring in the dough.

But the new poll indicates that her numbers are beginning to suffer because people in the district think that she's doing too much of the paranoid showboating--and not enough about unemployment and home foreclosures in the district.

Tough week, Michele.

ACTION LINK: Early money is like yeast. Here's how you donate to Michele's opponent Jim Graves, so we can get that "nut who inspires other nuts to go into government" out of there!


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