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{tapping into microphone} Testing...testing...1 - 2 - 3... {clear throat}

Oye'...between the typical beginning - of - the - year insanity in my line of work that was even more insane than usual (enough material to fill a few diaries) PLUS the conventions (which I willingly missed except for what TDS had to say), a whole heck of a lot's happened over these last couple of weeks or so, but we've learned some valuable lessons, I think. First, Rep. Kill Medicare As We Know It's a dirty stinkin' liar about oh - so - many subjects. Second, Senator McCentury has had to relinquish his "Angry Old Man Yells at Clouds" title. Third, former POTUS Clinton still loves the ladies! ;D

Let's look back on September 10ths of the past. On this date in 1934, a day my Dad thinks is deserving of a national holiday, Roger Maris, the professional baseball player who held the record for home runs in a single season from 1961 to 1998, was born. Even if you're not a baseball fan, you should check out 61*. Colin Firth is 52 today! Yes, he won Best Actor for The King's Speech and was brilliant, but, unless you have a soul of concrete, this portrayal will move you to tears, as well.

How much have y'all missed SPARK??!! :D The NFL season went into full swing yesterday, and it was a pretty darn good day for yours truly! Bears win? Check! Packers lose? Check! Colts lose & their short - sighted brainz 'sploded, too? Check & Check! Has FL learned NOTHING since 2000??!! Finally, just in case you don't think "real" cigarettes are disgusting enough...

On with The Rachel Maddow Show!

"Please Leave a Message" - Rep. Kill Medicare As We Know It's a teahead?? No frakkin' way...he wouldn't be so mean if he was occasionally "one toke over the line." The Mittwit's seen Reefer Madness one too many times, too. Again, he might not be so damn robotic if he'd inhaled. There was also a "problem" with that pesky legit rape stuff, too? Well, the MENSA folk are just having a hell of a time in CO. Again, try that Rocky Mountain high, fellas! ;D President Obama's experienced an actual post - convention bounce; only someone like Mr. Mittwit or anyone who works for him would consider 1% a bounce. That's a hiccup in most places, boys & girls! How many empty chairs were on Mittwit's boat, I wonder? Rep. Steve "It's OK to Bomb the IRS" King got a Mittwit endorsement. And, there was much rejoicing. Someone should bring some Alice B. Toklas brownies to a Mittwit/Medicare Murderer event or fundraiser! Oh, to go briefly off - topic, since when does Nora O'Donnell work for CBS? Anyhoo, Rep. Medicare Murderer also voted for the budget bill that had severe defense cuts in the offing, and Gov. Mittwit wants to get rid of ObamaCare except for even those with pre - existing conditions still being able to get their insurance. HUH???!!! Maybe, they DID imbibe in those Alice B. Toklas brownies by the gross ton - or got ahold of some brown acid. Dan Rather gets to follow up that nonsense - lucky! However, he's been around enough to witness much nonsense in his days. Mittwit doesn't know where he stands? THAT, Mr. Rather, is being damn charitable. As I've said, he sticks his finger down his pie hole & sticks it up in the air to see which way the wind's blowing. So, where he stands depends on where THE HOT AIR's coming from. The first debate between President Obama & Gov. Mittwit is October 3. Wow...OK...I might have to find a way to watch that mother even though I don't have the "traditional" cable anymore; I'm sure there will be plenty of online viewing options, and I still have time to stock up on popcorn! 

"Don't Mention It" - Senator John Kerry gave a speech during the DNC? And, he didn't look like someone who let the swiftboaters make a Vietnam War hero into some sort of DFH draft dodger?? WOW! There was a lot of fun poking fun at Gov. Mittwit's foreign policy creds - or lack thereof. He still thinks Mr. Khruschev's out there & is gonna bury us. HEY! Rachel got into my diary draft - all that marathon & old - man - yelling - at - chairs stuff was MINE first. ;D Gov. Mittwit didn't bother to mention our troops in harm's way nor the wars in which they're involved. Well, Gov. Mittwit & his boys managed to wiggle out of THAT particular responsibility. Even The Weekly Standard took Gov. Mittwit to the woodshed on this non - mention?? HA! Yes, FOKRs, that American Legion convention where Gov. Mittwit made that speech was in my fair city, and thank YOU, Rachel, for reminding me that he was here when I'd finally forgotten about it! ;)

"Thinning the Heard" - BEARS! :D Look at those poor states that have been getting deluged with ads; now, the CheeseHeads are gonna get it, too - like the Packers LOSING isn't bad enough up there. ;D A whole mess of these states just happen to be trying to make voting in POTUS elections more difficult if you lean toward the anti - Gov. Mittwit side of the ballot. The Board of Elections officials from OH on the show a couple of weeks ago were sacked & have sued their former boss for wrongful termination. The OH SOS lawyer is also working on curtailing voting rights in other states, AND the lawyer is based out of our nation's capital. Again, just a coincidence, I'm sure. *&^%$#@! Voting shenanigans are also beginning in IA, AND AND Rachel stole my diary material AGAIN in talking about FL's ballot. So, is Uncle Pat considering a run again? He did rather well the last time FL had a sparked up ballot. ;D Rick Hasen's written a book about the attempted curtailing of voting rights. THAT had to be fun to write - and damn depressing, too. Absentee voting is the process most at risk for actual voter fraud, but absentee balloting isn't at the crux of these voting shenanigans. Again, just a coincidence, I'm sure, boys & girls.

"Sludge Report" - Hey! There's that weiner from OH who couldn't or wouldn't answer a question to save his Mom's life, but some "outside groups" are helping him make his race against Senator Sherrod Brown awfully darn expensive. Gee, I cannot for the life of me wonder who some of those "outside groups" are. Now, the FCC has decided that online donors must be disclosed to local stations or something (?). The feed cut out, so I'm not sure what exactly happened. OH!'s about those "non candidate issue ads" that are actually all about the candidate.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Mon Sep 10, 2012 at 06:57 PM PDT.

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