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Why are only some votes sacred in a democracy? As our national demographic trends to a more diverse population the party that appeals to the angry white dude, espouses nothing that appeals to the majority of Americans. They are losing their grip on power.

They are the party of anti-immigration, anti-healthcare, anti-women, anti-choice, anti-LGBT, anti-minority, anti-science, anti-non Christian and of course anti-government. I think you can see the trend. They aren’t for anything specific unless it is a rich, corporate, white, male, Christian fetus. If you disagree with their policies or the role of government you must be Socialist, Nazi, Communist, Kenyan, unpatriotic or anti-American. If you disagree with their religion you must be Satan, the Antichrist, Atheist, or basically a godless sinner. Generally if you aren’t content to just sit down, shut up and take the scraps the 1% leaves you then you aren’t a “Real American”. The paternal “Father Knows Best” party that yearns for those Grand Old Days before all this equal rights stuff and everyone gets to vote nonsense. In spite of the empty heartwarming speechifying by Ann, Mitt hasn’t gotten the voters to like him much less agree with him. His campaign is flip-flopping between the hate filled bigoted nonsense from the angry, extreme-right, reconstruction era, tea baggers who imagine someone has taken their country and the slightly less extreme, elder Republicans that have those teary eyed, flashback memories of Reagan. It’s been a downhill slide of desperation and hypocrisy for the party since the first term of Saint Ronnie. The have situational amnesia when they talk about how well they cooperated with Bill Clinton. Does anyone remember the government shutdown or the impeachment? They have completely erased any memory of the Bush clan and the multiple disasters created during Bush The Younger. I am sure Jeb hopes the country forgets before 2016. Not likely, but they sure forgot between 2008 and 2010. The conservative right-wing didn’t like McCain in 2008, but they held their noses and voted for him anyway. There still were not enough “angry old white guys” then and even less today. It looks as though they may not hold their noses this time and just stay home or go shopping instead of voting for Mitt in November. Booyah!!

Desperation is setting in for the Rmoney/Lying Ryan campaign. Misinformation, distortion, misrepresentation, O’Keefe style editing and outright lying seems to be the only strategy they have left. They didn’t count on the Big Dog, “The Explainer in Chief” with a 62% approval, giving a barnstorming speech demystifying their purposefully confusing word salad. It helps to have competent surrogates debunking their lies. Some in the MSM appear to be growing a spine and aren’t afraid to call them out on their tactics, but why is it that I’ve only seen women reporters (O’Brien and O’Donnell) with the “balls” to call these clowns out for their lies? David Gregory you had the Mittens all to yourself on Meet The Press. Don’t be afraid to ask a tough question or a follow-up question. Did Ann intimidate you? Anderson Cooper what are you afraid of? Ask them about the tax returns. Make them answer a question about how they will balance our budget. If they don’t answer, ask again. Don’t let them reframe your question or answer with generic talking points to a question they pose. Don’t let them redirect to a topic about President Obama. I expect that from Joe Scarborough, but when Faux News asks tougher questions, the uncontested lying is making you look unprofessional. Chris Mathews risked getting banned from Morning Joe (big deal), but hammered Prince Priebus in front of a live audience. We need more of that type of “HardBall” (sorry) reporting. What are you afraid of? Losing their press pass. Not being invited to the cocktail parties. What if the only place they can hide is Faux News? Kind of limits their audience. The American voter deserves to know what Mittens/Paulie are about.

Mitt is just hoping the Southern Strategy, confusion, propaganda, combined with enough voter suppression and a close election in a bad economy will enable him to steal the election. It’s possible, unless we follow the instructions in Dismantling the GOP voter suppression machine: a field report as laid out by Tweedledee5. It looks like the progressives and the Democrats are the ones with the spines this time around. We need to Upgrade the Senate and put Nancy Pelosi back in charge of the House.

Don’t let Mitt steal your vote.

Originally posted to FloridaRedneck on Mon Sep 10, 2012 at 05:53 PM PDT.

Also republished by Barriers and Bridges.

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