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redstate, fail, lol
     Really? Doesn't this sum up all of modern conservativism?

     When all the facts are against you, blame the fact-checkers. . .

     So check out this post by Conservative front pager streiff. It is just pathetic.

Quote a FactChecker Earn a Ban

     In the past we’ve had a policy of banning people who argue in bad faith. As Politifact, and the whole menagerie of “fact checking” organizations have demonstrated themselves to be slavishly attached to the Administration’s nether regions I will consider quoting any of them, in a non-ironic way, as being evidence of arguing in bad faith and worthy of a ban.

    What do you think?

   I think you just divorced reality.

   Mitt Romney created 100 million jobs as Gov of Massachusetts. Disagree? YOU'RE BANNED!

   It's like open bar for liars. A place where lies and falsehoods can never be proven false. And CNN pays  Erick Erickson of for his "commentary", the same guy who manages a website that will ban you if you quote fact-checkers at them. I guess when CNN introduces Erickson they will have to ad a caveat to his byline (Founder of, statements made at are not intended to be a factual statement.)

    Who woke up on 9/11 today and decided the whole problem with this country is the fact checkers? If it wasn't for the American public's insistence on arithmetic, science and knowing recent history it would be really good news for John McCain Mitt Romney. Basically admitting that you can't win a debate unless the public is as ignorant as possible should be a bad thing, shouldn't it?

    Face it, this is what a small tent getting smaller looks like. A small tent that is about to get demoralized in the upcoming Presidential election. Reality doesn't just have a liberal bias, reality is actually a liberal conspiracy. And don't believe any non partisan fact-checking organizations who say otherwise, they are clearly in the tank for reality.

   gop, lies, empty chair



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