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FYI - Someone just posted a note to me that said I was on my way to being banned for my original title "ISRAEL RAPES US ELECTIONS" You have got to be kidding me! OK I changed the title. That does not change anything. Look closely, the BiBi regime in Israel, and independent Israeli's like Sam Bacile who support it, are attempting to insert a wedge into the US Election Cycle. In my title I used the word "rape" as a verb meaning to plunder and despoil. This is the exact intention of BiBi and his cronies. I wholeheartedly believe most people in Israel and the world want rational peace and dialogue with the Muslim world but BiBi and his cronies are radicals and clearly want to control the world on any issue that relates to Israel. I was voicing my opinion, and however you want to take it, I have a right to voice it. I cannot believe Daily Kos would ban me for voicing my opinion in a rational, constructive way, however many feathers that would ruffle!  

A week after the conventions, Israel is inserting it's hard on into US election cycle, and we did not invite them! First Netanyahu makes incendiary remarks in his tantrum over wanting support for pre emptive war against Iran, then LA based Israeli American filmmaker Sam (im)Bacile comes out with his film which is a 5 million dollar Jewish funded bomb against Islam. Of course the predictable reaction in the Muslim world are violent protests ending in a tragic killing of a US diplomat! (im)Bacile (now on the lam) sounds like a loose cannon himself described in the NY Times as saying "Islam is a cancer, period," he said repeatedly, his solemn voice thickly accented." Repeatedly , did you get that.  

Make no mistake, these pre-emptive Israeli attacks on Islam are meant for and directly tied to tie into the US election cycle.  They do not want US dictating policy. Israel wants to bully it's way into a war against Iran and further expansion of already STOLEN lands. 100 Jews spent 5 million dollars for this movie!

The film claims Muhammad was a fraud.
First of all. FUCK YOU (im)BACILE!

That is as good as a super pac ad for Romney. Except of course Romney will bungle any gift that comes his way!

Who spends 5 million dollars to trash an entire religion?  Granted their are crazy extremists under the guise of Islam, but this guy
throws them all to hell.  If I were a God fearing, or Allah fearing man, I would be pissed
off too over this asshole filmaker! And bibi, well that is something different,  but it is not really.  It is part of the same Israeli arrogance that has to end my friends! They will lead us into world war 3 if they are not humbled now!

There are many people tired of Israeli bullying and intransigence in all issues.
I hope that Obama's snuffing of Netanyau's visit this week is a sign that he will
give the big F**K you to Israel in his second term and bully them into a 2 state solution,
return of occupied territories, and recognition that they cannot continue to dictate
policy in the middle east, but must come to the table with a spirit of cooperation
with friends and foes alike.

Condolences to the family of Christopher Stevens.  

Originally posted to JCNYMYAMI on Wed Sep 12, 2012 at 09:10 AM PDT.

Also republished by Trolls.

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