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and the reason why an Anti-Islam filmmaker is in hiding.

First off this horrific and very sad event is one of the reasons why I believe all Fundamentalists are wacky. Someone makes a film debunking Mohammed as a godlike creature and depicts him only as a flesh and blood life form (which he was as well as Jesus et al.) with all the susceptibility that comes with being human and the next thing you know... some mob inculcated to believe what is UNBELIEVABLE, starts to murder anyone resembling the one who dared render a pejorative opinion about their particular Supernatural Being… (The most alarming and chilling aspect about these attacks are: it doesn’t matter if they get the one who, in their eyes, is the guilty perpetrator, they kill anyone who simply resembles the guy…) Silly me, I thought religion and god was about teaching human beings to get along with one another.

From what I’ve experienced since I came out of the atheist closet was that contrasting religions teach the opposite of getting along.  It appears, all religious belief systems, similar or dissimilar, that have been manufactured around the globe, tell their believers that theirs is the only True Belief and all others should be denounced as false.

And so, the birth of intolerance thus began. Of course I jest, the true birth of intolerance began when a primitive human-form from one tribe saw an unfamiliar human-form from another tribe and thought it food.

Aritcle Link here: Anti-Islam filmmaker in hiding after protests

PS: I came across this blog which sums it up so eloquently:

Born Wild (The Wild One: Part Four)

One summer’s morning, around the age of 13, I was biking down a leafy tree-lined street in my hometown when I happened upon someone I had not seen in awhile. He was a boy a year younger than me, and he had a reputation for being wild. I suspect his reputation was owed more to his frank honesty, though, than to his actual wildness. In that small town, you tended to collect all sorts of reputation — if you were honest.

He and I entwined the handlebars of our bikes — a trick that stabilized the bikes nicely, allowing us to sit them without needing to put our feet down to stay upright. Then we were off telling each other all the news fit to forget. And I have indeed forgotten most of it, but the one thing I still vividly recall came towards the end of our conversation when my friend confided that he’d recently had an experience of indescribable bliss. I had never heard of the word, “bliss”, and had to ask what it was.

As he spoke, his face took on a radiance somewhere between happiness and joy. He told me he didn’t know the right words to describe his experience, but it had to be what adult‘s meant when they talked of being “seized by the Holy Spirit“. Though only twelve, he was completely serious. And he was certain — absolutely certain — he’d discovered life’s greatest and most precious gift.

While I was skeptical of his claims to being seized by the supernatural, I could not ignore his sincerity. Consequently, I hung on every word until the very moment I suddenly recognized he was talking about his having discovered masturbation.

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    A search for truth will find injustice!

    by thinkingblue on Wed Sep 12, 2012 at 11:10:03 AM PDT

  •  I went to see the film on You Tube... (0+ / 0-)

    This man obviously got his training from the Porn industry.

  •  People who are poor, uneducated (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    not given a voice or much of one in their own government...I can understand them clinging to their religious beliefs. After all, it's probably the only thing that gets them through the misery of their lives.

    I really don't understand the minds of American fundamentalists, though. Here they live in a wealthy nation, free to spew whatever crazy hate they feel like. No government is going to hold them responsible for what they say: free speech is guaranteed here. They're not poor, they're not starving, they don't have the issues that people in third world countries face every day of their lives.

    Why are they so hate filled? What has anyone ever really done to them? It's not as though a Muslim nation invaded their country for no real reason and killed hundreds of thousands of Christians.

    I don't get it.

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