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Scott Brown is not a moderate.

He is an Asshole.

On October 17th, 2001, just over a month after 9/11, State Senator Scott Brown voted to deny financial aid and healthcare to 9/11 first responders (MA Red Cross volunteers) who risked their lives and ran into crumbling buildings to save others. Many of them died. Many of those who didn't developed health problems from breathing in debrie and some psychological problems from the horrors they witnessed.

Scott Brown said he voted against this because of the budget, the same reason republicans vote against anything they don't like:

TP: "In 2001, you voted against 9/11 recovery workers, giving them aid, do you have any comment on this story?"

BROWN: "Yes, it was a time when our budget was down. We had a lot of cuts unfortunately, and we had to take care of our own priorities first."

So thank you for bravely risking your life and health to save others during the worst terrorist attack on American soil, but we can't afford to help you. Besides, we have other "priorities'.

So what was more important than making sure 9/11 first responders had healthcare?

A golf course.

a taxpayer-funded golf course.

In the same month that Scott Brown voted against 9/11 rescue workers he was pushing a bill to build a golf course on the taxpayer's dime.

At this time, Brown was also fighting for more tax subsidies for corporations, which also drains the budget.

Suddenly the budget wasn't an issue when it came to golf courses and corporate welfare, but for 9/11 heroes there was no money.

Funny how that works...

The Bill was a bipartisan effort in the MA Congress and Brown was one of only three state senators to vote against it.

Yes. It was a long time ago but 2010 wasn't and in 2010 Scott Brown voted AGAIN to deny 9/11 first responders healthcare and aid.  

Scott Brown was actually the single vote that blocked the legislation. If he had voted YES, it would have passed. It died because of Brown.

Just to make sure we are on the same page, Scott Brown voted against 9/11 rescue workers in 2001 and again in 2010.

Providing healthcare for those who risked their lives and health to bravely go into crumbling buildings and save complete strangers is a pretty moderate and rational idea. I'm aware that republicans don't like government to do anything or spend money on anything other than war and regulating vaginas, but every now and then they bite the bullet or look the other way. Many, many republicans support this measure, just as they support giving our troops VA healthcare. They don't care about the single mothers or people down on their luck, they can starve to death for all they care. But when it comes to those who served their country, most of us on either side of the isle can agree that our government is in debt to them and giving them healthcare is the least we can do. Scott Brown obviously doesn't feel this way.

The overall point is that Scott Brown is NOT a moderate. Any moderate in this country would agree that the government and yes... the taxpayers, should help the 9/11 rescue workers. Citing the budget for not helping heroes and then pushing a bill to build a golf course on tax dollars and giving corporations welfare in the same month isn't an act of moderation. In fact, i'd say Scott Brown is a piece of shit.

However, let's not forget that this is the same guy who ran on being the 41st vote to stop Obamacare, which he now uses to insure his daughter.

Do as they say, not as they do!

If Scott Brown wins in MA, so be it, but the fact that he is running as a moderate is insulting and we as liberals are just as much to blame if we let him get away with it.

This is just one of many examples of why Scott Brown is no moderate, but I feel it is a glaring example and I'm not sure why the Warren campaign isn't putting this out everywhere.

Moderates don't tell our nation's heroes to go fuck themselves.

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