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Mitt Romney smirks after attacking President Obama over the Libya attacks
Mitt Romney smirks after attacking President Obama over the Libya attacks
Isn't it a little too early for the Romney campaign to be entering the blame-the-media phase of the campaign? Or too late, or something?
[...] Romney and his senior aides had generally avoided the common Republican complaint that the mainstream media is fundamentally biased in favor of the Democratic Party. That has begun to change, however, with top aides now privately grumbling that they have given up the hope of a level media playing field.
Oh, boo hoo. You called the press in to hear what Mitt Romney had to say, he said it, they reported it, and now they're the bad guys. Maybe Mitt can invest in some tiny-violin-based derivative swaps.
"I love all these reporters saying that they thought the Democratic convention was better," said one senior adviser sarcastically. "Of course they did. It's like a steak lover saying they like a steak house. They served what 90 percent of reporters love. And they liked it? Shocking."
So it's the reporters' fault for not liking your convention? What, were the themes of "Obama is bad" and "stuff Obama didn't actually say, but we think he probably would have so let's just pretend he did" just too rich in context for the nation's reporters to wrap their little brains around? What hidden nuance of "old famous guy holds muttered conversation with foul-mouthed empty chair" are you angry the reporters just didn't understand?
The adviser, granted anonymity to criticize a press corps the campaign still relies on every day, went on to blame a "green room, green zone kind of divide," saying the national press, most of whom live in New York or DC, "pockets of prosperity," are isolated from the realities of the harsh economy — and therefore, unable to grasp Romney's message.
Yeah. Yeah, that's it. The press corps in this country are just so well off that they just can't "grasp" how non-prosperous most people in this country are. But Mitt Romney gets it. Mitt Romney, who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, owns Olympic-level horses, whose beachfront vacation home is in desperate need of a car elevator, whose retirement account alone could pave the roads of most American counties, and whose idea of roughing it was that one time in college when he and Ann had to live off the income of their stock portfolio, he really gets where the common man is coming from. I know that's the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the name "Mitt Romney"—the down-to-earth bond with the common folk that he's so famous for. He's just so in tune with the plight of the American workforce.

What a bunch of whiners. Mitt Romney makes a gigantic, smirking ass of himself on a worldwide stage—really, as I said yesterday, a performance so vile it should single-handedly disqualify him from office—and all his campaign staff can think about is how it all would have been fine if it weren't for those meddling reporters.

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