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There are many assaults on the integrity of our votes depicted below.

Perhaps we need some help.  Maybe we could all email the UNITED NATIONS and beg for UN help to insure the integrity of our elections, like other countries do.  I'm sure our tax dollars are used, so why can't we Americans have the same oversight?

The Roster of Electoral Experts of UN the Electoral Assistance Division

FAX:  (212) 963-2979.

Oh, the irony.  America's election integrity is a shambles, proven by the following facts.

Anyone interested in the integrity of the voting process will find enough information on the Brad Blog to demonstrate to their neighbors and friends that voting machines can destroy the voting process.  With enough educated voters, perhaps they can join forces and insist that the local voting process is secured.

The Brad Blog just caught Alaska with one of the many voting machines games being played: The Voting Machine Sleepover

Thank you Brad Friedman.  You certainly have opened my eyes over the years.

You will also find lots of details, video proof of voting machine tampering, and other concerns in this article:

ELECTION FRAUD: It's the Voting Machines, Not the Voters

And, of course, we have to factor in CITIZENS UNITED.  Do read:

Justice Stevens' Dissent: Citizens United (Orwellian Title)

The voting machine issue makes me sick.

This is the machine that will be used around the country.  It's inaccurate

UT Paper Ballot Op-Scan 'Recount' Halted, Results Found 'Extremely in Favor of Opposite Candidate'

Don't think for a minute that the GOP will let this election go forward without a plethora of tricks and tricksters.

All the news about Romney losing ground.  Pretend he is leading in all the polls.

Be scared for those who depend on Medicare, Social Security, school lunches, etc.

Be so scared that you not only vote for Democrats, but that you dedicate some hours to




And if all this isn't bad enough, there are plans to intimidate voters at the polls.  PLEASE READ, REC, TIP TWEET SEATURTLES DIARY

Election Intimidation/Discounting of Votes Planned by RW Stormtroopers!

Let me introduce you to True the Vote.  

True the Vote are the front of the RW militants who are going to planning and being trained to discount votes in election process itself, according to their arbitrary rules and beliefs.  This group has been present in a lot of the hotly contested election contests recently and although they have been cited for 'intimidation', they continue to operate with their 'might makes right' Modus Operandi.

BUT, I THINK WE NEED THE UN IN THESE STATES if voter suppression isn't properly thwarted and voting rights are limited in any way:

States With VOTER SUPPRESSION Legislation

This diary by gsmoke has tons of great resources:

Combatting Election Theft: Some Resources

Ever since the selection of 2000, the rudiments of US democracy have been under attack.  We still haven't dealt with the multitudinous problems of electronic voting machines and now we have a concerted attack on registration and voting by the Republican Party and their affiliated organizations.  Those who have built the engines for stealing elections, from registration to vote counts, will use them, this year and every Election Day from this time forward, if they can.

Here are some resources to stop them in their tracks and rebuild our ability to vote for every single citizen.  It is not an exhaustive list but it is a start.

Protect your own vote and those of all your fellow citizens.



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